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posted by bannanabrain
Musa was waiting for Shadow so they can go to the meadows for their date.
^Where could that crimson hedgehog be?^
Musa heard a bang on the piano. She ran downstairs. Nothing, then she heard a evil laugh. Easy to understand who that is.
Musa: Alright Shadow. bạn did this before! bạn won't trick me hoặc scare me this time.
Musa heard breathing behind her and it was close to ear. Then the breathig stopped then it licked the side of her head.
Musa: AAAAAA!!!!
Musa turns around Shadow was standing there.
Musa: AAA!! Oh, Shadow! bạn do this every single time!!
Shadow: Are bạn ready to go?
Musa: Yes!
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posted by bannanabrain
It was the afternoon on a ngẫu nhiên ngày in Mobius. Shadow, Sonic, Silver, and Mephiles and of course Scourge were sitting in a cicle on the floor.
Mephliles: *Smacks fist on other hand* I've got an idea! bạn know.....
Shadow: Mephlies, now what?
Sonic: Let's hope it's not the roller coaster ride again.
Silver: Oh oh I know we sing songs while spinning in circles on a marry go-round!
Mephiles: *Eye twith* No...
Shadow: Oh Silver could bạn think of something that can reduce us from vometing?
Silver: Sure, uh we can have a starring contest at the light pole outside.
Scourge: That's to easy to beat, but if...
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posted by bannanabrain
Shadow was sleeping. Musa was up taking a shower. Shadow got up fully awake. *And it's the Shadow on my biểu tượng from the Sonic the hedgehog tiếp theo gen movie*
Shadow: *walks in bathroom* Musa!
Musa: shadow!
Shadow opens the vòi hoa sen door and walks in.
Musa: SHADOW?!!!
Shadow: xin chào babe! Let's do some love!
Shadow rested Musa on the vòi hoa sen floor *It's a fancy vòi hoa sen almost like a swimming pool but a little deeper and theres a lot of vòi hoa sen heads* and he wraps his arms around her. He looks at her sympathetically and licks her cheek like a cat. Musa smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck. Shadow stuck his...
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added by bannanabrain
Source: Musa is a sexy female hedgehog *Good lookin for Shadow*
posted by LunaAcores94
This is from the tên người dùng name musasfriend and I found this note in the shadow the hedgehog club.

Hey guys! I am Musa's friend. Musa wanted me to tell bạn why she left. Here's what she said: Hi everybody! Sorry I left but here's why. Brianna! Brianna made me leave cause she's really mean to me and hates me that I tình yêu Shadow. So this is payback! I'm sorry I left guys! I miss bạn all! Except Brianna (Shadowlover2011). Now I will tell bạn all about my new look!age (16 years younger than shadow beacause he`s 50 years old in real life but looks like a teen) hieght: 4.9 (i make shadow 5.7 powers:...
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^The reason Shadow loves Musa cause in Sonic x Eggman kept bringing her with him and when he did, he would always stand really close to her.

^The tiếp theo reason is in the Sonic The Hedgehog The tiếp theo Generation when Musa đã đưa ý kiến "Shadow can I come?" Shadow nodded his head up and down and walked to her and đã đưa ý kiến "Stay bởi my side Musa."

^The tiếp theo thing is Shadow was walking with Musa down the path, a giant Monster appeared and he jumped in front of Musa. He stretched his arm in front of her. Musa had a her eyes closed halfway and her hands were against eachother and she put them close to her face.

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Sonic was sleeping on the đi văng of the waiting room. Musa grabbed her ipod and put the headphones in his ears. Then she played a song on high volume to wake him up, Shadow was sitting in a chair blushing resting his elbow on the bàn looking at Musa sighing lovingly.
Musa: *Plays song* Heehee....
Sonic: *Snoring*
The âm nhạc is really loud and woke Sonic up.
Sonic: AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!
Musa: HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!
Okay now to the real story........
Shadow was laying on the bed. Musa came out in her sexy outfit. Shadow drooled. Shadow was thinkin somethin.
Shadow: *Pushed Musa on the bed* xin chào wanna have...
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Sonic was walking down the sidewalk, Shadow was skating superfast Sonic's spikes came off. They ran away.
Sonic: xin chào GET BACK HERE!! I WON'T LOOK GOOD WITHOUT HAIR!! *Runs for his spikes*
Musa was walking as Shadow ran so fast but saw Musa walking towards him.
Shadow: OH NO!!!
Musa: AAAAAAAAAAA!!!* Covers head with arms*
Shadow: MUSA!!!
Shadow raced bởi Musa and scooped her up with his arms and held her in front of him like a little baby in a crib. She was really big though.
Espio came and showed his ninja skill and sang Foo Fighters. Musa looked at him cause she liked that band a little. Luna was dancing with Mephiles. Shadow ran between them. Mephiles's whole body came apart. They saw a giant pile of hot chó and jumped with his broken pieces over and so did Luna. But she didn't fall apart. THE END!!!!!1
added by bannanabrain
Source: Musa's bestest friend from đàn ghi ta, guitar Hero
added by bannanabrain
posted by LunaAcores94
Musa was at Shadow's house but,Shadow had told her to wait her until he gets back.
Musa:Sigh,I hope Shadow comes back!:(*Thinks about what Shadow had done to her durning there first date*Aaahhhhh Why am i thinking about that!!*Blushes real hard and trys to erase the cloud*xD
I really did enjoy it with Shadow...But when will he return!
Musa heard a bang on the door and saw Shadow walking in.
Musa:Shadow,U came back!^-^*Runs up to him and Kiss him*
Shadow:*Blushes*M-Musa*Hugs Musa*I miss u so much!
Musa:I know Shadow,I tình yêu you!
Shadow:I tình yêu u too!>:)
Musa:Come on Shadow,I got something to hiển thị u!^-^...
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posted by LunaAcores94
Musa was at her house,Getting ready for her ngày with Shadow,Who is Hot,Cool,Sexy and Cute and Shadow thinks of Musa she is Beautiful and Hot.
Musa:Shadow should be calling me bởi now!:0
Suddenly hear a bang downstairs
Musa:Could it be Shadow!O_O
Runs downstairs and opens the door and no one is there
Musa:*Sad*I guess not!:(
Then hears another bang in the kitchen.Close the door and walk into the phòng bếp, nhà bếp and nothing.Then hears footsteps in here room.
Musa:Okay,who the hell is in my house?!>:(
Runs upstairs to her room and sees that there is no one.
Musa:Hmm...I'll go check in the closet!*Checks throw...
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1. All Around Me bởi Flyleaf
2. Arise bởi Flyleaf
3. Black Rain bởi SoundGarden
4. Livin on a Prayer bởi Bon Jovi
5. Heaven's a Lie bởi Lacauna Coil
6. Heeding the Call bởi HammerFall
7. I Wait bởi Daylight Dies
8. Rebel Yell bởi Billy Idol
9. Pitiful bởi Blindside
10. What I've Done bởi Linkin Park
11. Through the ngọn lửa, chữa cháy and Flames bởi DragonForce
12. Fury of the Storm bởi DragonForce
13. The Last Journey trang chủ bởi DragonForce
14. Sudden Death bởi MegaDeath
15. This ngày We Fight bởi MegaDeath
16. The Feel Good Drag bởi Anberlin
17. Wish bởi Nine Inch Nails
18. Storming The Burning Fields bởi DragonForce
19. Stricken bởi Disturbed
20. Indestructable bởi Disturbed

Check out all the of Musa's theme songs on YouTube! There really awesome!
posted by bannanabrain
It all started when Musa, Silver, Misty, and Spyro were at Dante's Freezer trying to save Volteer from the Ice king. They entered a tower with a lot of Red and Black plated knight zombies that had green colored skin. She walked near the tower *Musa always wanted her element to be Electricity, Thunder, and Lightning* She walked near the tower, then they heard a siren noise and the electricity zapped Musa. The black and red plated knight zombies were coming near her and she held out her hands like she was going to high five somebody and electricity came out of her hands and defeated the knights. They saved Volteer and Volteer teached Musa how to control her electricity and now, Musa can fight with it cause she had a lot of practice. Now she's a worthy powerful fighter.