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posted by MsPropHouse
Hi. I'm going to tell bạn a secret only my closest Những người bạn know. This is all true. It was June 2009,I just got out of stuff made in the 1990's and decided I should find something new,I started watching the Disney Channel and there it was,Demi Lovato and Sonny With a Chance it was instant tình yêu from the start. I became so obsessed that I became the #1 người hâm mộ of both of them,I hung up a pic of the điểm thưởng House and everything. But then August 2009,school started back and theese two kids gave me a really hard time,they đã đưa ý kiến I wasn't the #1 Demi and Sonny With a Chance người hâm mộ and wouldn't leave me alone...
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