Mr Bean!!!
Hi guys, I remember seeing this film many years cách đây and I absolutely adore this film so much!

The Story

Okay, several pranks were taken from the TV series, especially during the plane scene where there is a airbag containing vomits in it and we see the other guy's reaction to it after lending it. Speaking of the plane scene, I did not know that the security in the US were serious until I found out later about it!
I dislike David's family initially except for his youngest son, who did not like hạt đậu, đậu at all until later at the hospital that they took a liking towards him.
My favourite scene is definitely when hạt đậu, đậu goes to the museum at night and fixes the Whistler's Mother bởi replacing it with a replicated poster of it after damaging the original earlier on, this is one of the memorable scene that I love.

The Characters

As mentioned, I dislike Langley's family except his youngest son because I felt that they were very prejudice towards Bean. I immediately took a liking to them at the hospital scene when they finally saw the light into him after their initial misgivings on Bean.

Picture Of You

This movie will always remain in my heart, and I hope that bạn enjoy this film as well as the sequel released 10 years ago.