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one ngày bọ cạp was playing four corners and smoke, Ermac, sub-zero, Noob, reptile, Kitana, jade, and Mileena jumped out they challenged him on four corners. bọ cạp was in the middle. jade ran to Kitana's corner. But rain jumped to the corner and beat her. Kitana had to go to the end of the line sub-zero got of his base Mileena ran to his base, but he went back. No one saw who got there first so Ermac đã đưa ý kiến " icy no mounties " bọ cạp ran to his corner. Ermac was angry. he yelled " I đã đưa ý kiến ICY NO MOUNTIES!" Get over here !" bọ cạp shouted, as he threw his rope at Ermac. He punched him....
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