Vũ khí bóng đêm Actors who auditioned for the role of Jace Wayland in the upcoming movie. Who do bạn think would be the best choice?

Pick one:
Alex Pettyfer - turned down the role
Alexander Ludwig
Xavier Samuel
Nico Tortorella
Luke Bracey
Austin Butler
Leebo Freeman
Max Irons
Jeremy Irvine
Travis van Winkle
Ed Speleers
Benjamin Stone
Mitch Hewer
Chris Zylka
Alexander Nifong
Chord Overstreet
Douglas Booth
Hunter Parrish
William Moseley
Toby Hemingway
Max Thieriot
Lucas Till
Jake Abel
Liam Hemsworth
Kellan Lutz
Thomas Mcdonnell
Rhys Wakefield
Kyle Gallner
Tim Phillips
Jeremy Sumpter
Taylor Handley
Jamie Campbell Bower - got the part
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