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posted by vitacoco123
MonstrO might just singlehandedly revive psychedelic hard rock.

The Atlanta quartet conjure up a daze of distortion that's reminiscent of early Soundgarden and Kyuss, but they have a staggering sense of rhythm that pummels at all the right moments. Comprised of Charlie Suarez, Juan Montoya [ex-Torche] and Bevan Davies and Kyle Sanders [ex-Bloodsimple], MonstrO have the power to scare a sense of history back into modern rock. From the seesawing stomp of "Helios" to the aural journey on "April," MonstrO roar like no one else out there right now.

About his new musical beast, Sanders exclaims, "We can do whatever we want. The creative process has been so natural. It's an amazing thing. We'll be in the rehearsal room for hours just jamming!"

That jamming his được trao birth to some formidable and epic tunes!

Kyle Sanders sat down with editor and Dolor tác giả Rick Florino to discuss the birth of MonstrO and thêm in this exclusive