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 Freaky Fusion Trailer Screenshots
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xin chào I'm draculaura and this is how i met Clawd... I started of in my coffin sleeping as sung as a bug but then my alam clock rang, I got up with a shock I didn't even realise that I had my lind down on my coffin and banged my head I shouted "Ow!!!" and my father came rushing in saying "Whats happening!?!" but then đã đưa ý kiến in a disappointed way "Oh bạn banged your head again..." but then I was saying "I'm sorry father but I'm going to be late!" "Fine I'll let bạn of this time..." my father replayed. I brushed my lovely long màu hồng, hồng and black hair then put them up in pig tails after that I went in...
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Chapter 1- The Freaky Has Just Begun

Frankie Stein was sitting in Mad Science ,she silently tapped her pencil against her shiny electric green knew after she got out of class she would have to face the horrors of Frightday the 13th again. That was what made poor Frankie's face slump. Suddenly something vibrated in her purse. She silently and quickly pulled out her iCoffin. She looked at it and saw she had a message from Clawdeen. xin chào It read Mr.. Hacks Class is so boring right, well anyway I think I have a plan this time to help us throughout the ngày meet me in the Ghoul's Bathroom after class...
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I felt her nose nudge against mine, and for a chẻ, phân chia, split một giây i thought her lips where going to touch mine she leaned back. "...sorry" she whispered. her green eyes looked up from their lashes. "I...i dont know bạn know" i raised an eyebrow at her, and smirked. "what?" she said. i started to giggle. "Its not funny!" she slapped my arm. i layed down laughing harder, she huffed and snarled at me. (whitch was cute)
"Oh like bạn have kissed anyone before" she hissed and stood up walking away. "No wait!" i said, getting up to follow her. "I didnt mean to hurt your feelings.." i đã đưa ý kiến standing...
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Clawdeen And Draclaura
(OK, for ONE. I know Clawdeen and Draclaura are not dating, TWO, if bạn do not like fanfics that put two characters to be in tình yêu who are NOT in the original stories, hoặc are not fond of girl and girl relationships then DO NOT READ. Simple as that, and if bạn do like these stories then I hope bạn enjoy. I'm new at the Monster High franchise so if I get things mixed up please don't act like your two and be all in my face about it. I wrote this because I was bored and also because Clawdeen and Draclaura are my yêu thích Monster High chicks. They....
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Monster High: Boo York, Boo York A Monsterrific Musical!
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