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Monster Parent: The Werewolf
Age: 17
Killer Style: Casual a la would be dumb for me to not listen to fashion Lời khuyên from her.
Freaky Flaw: I shed...a lot. When I get out of the vòi hoa sen my family becomes the proud owners of a fur-lined tub. I might as well comb my hair with a lint brush and save the extra step.
Pet: A gargoyle bulldog named Rockseena. She's my number one rock solid fan.
Favorite Activity: I tình yêu football. I tình yêu the training, the strategy, the competition, and the atmosphere on game day. It's the perfect sport.
Biggest Pet Peeve: People who think that football players...
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NOTE TO READERS: Im so sorry I havent finished my Room 66 story. Ill get to that ASAP.
How did Draculaura become a vampire? That is a câu hỏi about to be answered bởi my người hâm mộ fic.
Tina, Willa, and Elly all stared at the new student. Her name was Laura Buddington. She had long black hair with a màu hồng, hồng cái mủ nồi, beret atop her head. She was wearing a màu hồng, hồng and black corset with black lacey leggings and black plataforms with cute màu hồng, hồng bows. In other words, she looked like a cheerleader intermixed with a rockstar. Nobody paid much attention to the 15 năm old...
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Frankie walked the halls I have a ngày with Holt today, ugh she was nervous, in a bad way. She didn't want to think about Holt, hoặc Drake. "hats keeping ya down ghoul?" Clawdeen greeted "date with Holt today" Frankie rolled her eyes "I can get bạn out of it" Clawdeen smirked "no i'm fine" Frankie walked to clawculus with her head hung low.

Clawd happily walked down the halls with a bouquet of golden hoa hồng addressed For my secret love but obviously for Cleo."Oh Clawd!" Cleo gasped when she saw him "for you" he smiled "you shouldn't have" she blushed. Clawd wrapped his arm around Cleo "A boyfriend...
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