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 Abbey; Skull Shores
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Monster High
abbey bominable
skull shores
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Source: I drawed it base off Google then I added details :)
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Monster High
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Monster High: Boo York, Boo York A Monsterrific Musical!
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~ xin chào everyone again XD 

This is the moment of Chapter 2 which is Abbey and Heath... 

So at the end of chapter 2 ( this chapter )  you guys can vote for the tiếp theo couple and it can be other characters hoặc ones that were already in the story and I can choose maybe the final couple hoặc them just to be single in the end. 

Example ~ Deuce and Cleo for let's say Chapter 4 and Chapter 7 is Deuce and Rochelle. 

I can do I guess Yuri hoặc Yaio couples but I respect people like that I mean I am not a homophobe but I just may not that good at nghề viết văn it because of me being a straight girl XD . 

So I will...
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