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 Nefera De Nile's Doll In.....Egypt♥
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Author's Note-Hey hope everyone enjoyed Chapter 1 and Now I may present to bạn Chapter 2, Hope bạn enjoy :D


Frankie slammed her head up against a bathroom stall door.

"Owwwww" she moaned and turned to Clawdeen.

"When are we getting out of here." she asked her bored. Clawdeen did not know how to answer , she shrugged and then spoke"I guess till morning " she told her as if she could not believe it herself. Draculara stood bởi the sinks surprisingly happy.

"At least I have the những thông tin cập nhập of the Ghostly Gossip that should keep me busy tonight." she đã đưa ý kiến hiển thị them her iCoffin. Lagoona...
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