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This Monster High hình nền contains anime, truyện tranh, phim hoạt hình, and manga.

posted by Invaderskull95
It was a nice and peaceful ngày at the New Salem nudist resort,the Monster high students were either relaxing in the chairs,or taking a dip in the pool,Yes,I know,Nudist Monsters,absurd right?,well,to be honest,all of them felt that nudism was quite liberating.But it wasnt all like this before.Some of their normie Những người bạn were just as hesitant as they were.But little did they know,things were about to change a few days ago.

*Flashback to a few days ago*

"I dont know Luke,what if something goes wrong? Purrsephone asked her boyfriend."Nothing's gonna go wrong Purrsephone,the only thing standing...
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posted by TheChris99
Part 3: The Interview

Hello! It's me, Hades Mortem, once again. I assume bạn already know who I am, what I do and what kind of problems I have, so I'm not going to spend any thêm time on explaining all that over again. Instead, I'm going to tell bạn about some major things that happened here after the "incident" in the creepeteria few weeks ago.

Everyone is speaking about me right now. The students are divided into two groups. Some of them find me and my powers really interesting and fascinating, and they actually care about me and want to be my friends. Then there is the other group, who thinks...
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