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Frankie walked the halls I have a ngày with Holt today, ugh she was nervous, in a bad way. She didn't want to think about Holt, hoặc Drake. "hats keeping ya down ghoul?" Clawdeen greeted "date with Holt today" Frankie rolled her eyes "I can get bạn out of it" Clawdeen smirked "no i'm fine" Frankie walked to clawculus with her head hung low.

Clawd happily walked down the halls with a bouquet of golden hoa hồng addressed For my secret love but obviously for Cleo."Oh Clawd!" Cleo gasped when she saw him "for you" he smiled "you shouldn't have" she blushed. Clawd wrapped his arm around Cleo "A boyfriend...
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posted by laylafly
Cleo is royalty, and expects everyone to treat her like it. She is stuck up, too. Usually, her attitude is selfish, arrogant, and unkind. She probably is like this because she is an ancient princess and is used to being treated as royalty. She is shown to be highly competitive and downright difficult to get along with. She has a rivalry with Clawdeen Wolf, which, according to Ghoulia Yelps's diary, began when Cleo dumped Clawdeen's brother, Clawd, and started dating Deuce Gorgon the very tiếp theo day. Cleo likes to try to trick the other girls hoặc get them in trouble but her efforts always fail....
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name: Summer
(daughter of the angels)

killer style: leggings,lacy tops and high heels

freaky flaw:I'm nosy at times

favorite color: white

favorite food:angel thực phẩm cake

pet peeve:When my wings are wilted.It drives me insane

favorite activity:SHOPPING!

pet: my pug Ollie.He's super CUTE!

friends: Draculaura,Lagoona,Kiara,Laurie,Cleo,Deuce,Jackson,Ghoulia,Clawdeen,Holt,Spectra,Nefera,Abbey,Clawd,Opretta,Meowlody,Purrsephone,C.A Cupid,Howleen,Toralei

favorite school subjects: Swimming

least yêu thích school subjects:History and Clawculus

daughter of the dark angels)

killer style:same like my sister...
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 spectra's bức ảnh bio
spectra's photo bio
Age:16-in monster years
Killer Style:Silk, silk, and thêm silk accentuated with a touch of metal. It allows me to freely float about with just a hint of rattle. It's quite the haunting look wouldn't bạn agree?
Freaky Flaw:Yes well I've never really được trao this much thought bạn see since I find that it's unhealthy to focus on what one does especially when contrasted with all the good one does in unlife. I am also not a gossip despite rumors to the contrary.
Pet Rhuen:is my ghost ferret. Did bạn know the name tọc mạch, chồn, ferret comes from the Latin word fuittus, which means "little thief"? Of course you...
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posted by FanGirlz3453
Chapter 1: Toralei Stripe

I was biting my claws nervously as I watched all the other students of monster high walk out the door.
Abbey, Frankie, Heath, Deuce, Jackson, Cleo, Draculaura, Clawdeen, Jackson, Meowlody and Purrsephone.

I looked who was left in the classroom. Clawd, Deuce... xin chào wait a minute? Deuce just walked out.
How did he get back in? Anyway.

After school, I was waiting for my snakey haired so called "Secret Fuck Buddy."
It was only then when I saw Rochelle Goyle sitting on the đài phun nước with her pet Roux, her wings fluttering. And she was throwing a ball.
Deuce suddenly walked out...with...
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posted by Kim-Reaper
 me, kim reaper
me, kim reaper
Oh my ghoul!
New school!
And to hàng đầu, đầu trang it all off I have to pose as a normie!
Double Oh My Ghoul!

So my name's Kim Reaper I'm 16, and the daughter of the grim reaper. I have two besties: Selena Taur and Bunnia Yip; Daughter of the Centaur and Daughter of the Bunyip. Yeah so we're a fearsome trio and we do everything together! Ok that intro seemed rushed, but I am rushed! School starts today!

Monday the 8th of May
I'm freaking out! Dressed in my goth-chic outfit with one ren găng tay on my left hand, I look like I'll fit in. But then bạn see the màu hồng, hồng vampire girl talking to a werewolf chic. I stare at...
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"what the fuck"!!!!! Heath yelled. (What an idiot)
Abbey frowned. (Why are bạn dating him then)
Linda looked around and couldn't find Bloodie and Mr M.
"They ditched us".... (Obviously)
5 hours later when it was pitch black....
Clawtina, Clawdeen and Heath made a fire.
The air was crisp, cold, sandy and dangerous. (Heaths fault)
Vikki and Draco snuggled up together.

Clawdeen and Billy fell asleep. (cute)
Abbey and Heath looked for civilization.
(Good choice... In a million years)
Spectra and Baxter were waiting got food. (Get some yourself)
Clawtina and Clawd stayed dead quiet and triednot...
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xin chào everyone here is one of my AbbeyXHeath Oneshots that I promised to everyone out there on fanpop :) So I hope bạn enjoy it ~ Cali <3

Abbey awoke in the middle of her sleep unable to do so anymore because of the horrid dream she just went through . 

She looked down at her arm as it was wet and looked slightly melted probably from her sweating because of the dream. 

It was pitch dark in the lều, cabin that she was staying in at Camp Spookie as an counselor that Headmistress Bloodgood had sighed her up to do.

She looked around as she seen Spectra sleeping soundly in her giường below Abbey and Operetta...
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Hello and Welcome to my official new fanfic. I have finished the bonus chapter of Seven Kingdoms and I have almost finished a AbbeyXHeath one-shot also so keep on a look out for those soon :)-Cali

This story is rated PG-13 and contains some sexual referances from my best guy friend's mind and some very scary and action scenes from my best friend's mind also... and it contains my randomness so watch out ...You Have Been Warned!

Camp Spookie

Chapter 1- Welcome to Camp Spookie hoặc should I say Camp Creepy...

Frankie Stein sparked as she got off the bus to Camp Spookie her bolts shimmering in the sun....
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bướm, bướm đêm Andros, daughter of the Mothman
Age:16 monster years
KILLER STYLE: I tình yêu dark Gô tích styled clothes!
FREAKY FLAW: i have wings, which means I have to make holes on the backs of all my shirts. But, through a spell my mother does to me, my wings can vanish for 2 to 3 hours.
yêu thích COLOR: definately black
yêu thích FOOD: Hot Dogs! I dunno why, I just do.
BIGGEST PET PEEVE: I can predict disasters, but when I try to warn the guys and ghouls, they ignore me. That annoys me.
yêu thích ACTIVITY: Helping people out, I try to give myself a good name.
PET: Cobweb, my snowy owl. She gets along pretty well with Ghoulia's Sir Hoots A Lot™.
FRIENDS: Clawtina Wolfess, Ghoulia Yelps, Candice Lupus, Spectra Vondergeist, Draculaura,Princess Bloodalina, Lagoona Blue, C.A Cupid, practically everyone!
yêu thích SCHOOL SUBJECT: Dead Languages, it is much easier than other subjects.
LEAST yêu thích SCHOOL SUBJECT: Biology, I dispise seeing dead creatures.
 The Mothman
The Mothman
posted by CuteBlossom123
 Ghoulia Yelps
Ghoulia Yelps
Ghoulia Yelps

Ghoulia is the daughter of a zombie couple.
She is 16 in monster years and has a pet baby blue owl named Sir Hoots-A-Lot.
The smartest ghoul at Monster High, Ghoulia is a shy and bookish girl, but her best friend, Cleo de Nile, refuses to let her be the wallflower at a party.
Ghoulia's social life has improved greatly since befriending Cleo.
Ghoulia has a romantic interest in Sloe-Moe, a tall male zombie on the chess team. Ghoulia is well-known to be a hardcore người hâm mộ of "Dead Fast," an in-universe comic book series.
She is voiced bởi a producer of the Monster High webisodes, Audu Paden.
Her normie name is Julia Phelps.

Hope bạn enjoyed!!!
posted by CuteBlossom123
 Heath Burns
Heath Burns
Heath Burns

Heath is a teenage boy who can burst into flame. He was first seen as a background character in "Substitute Creature."
In "The Hot Boy", he was shown to be Draculaura's short-lived crush.
Heath has since become a regular character in the webisodes, and the character has been trademarked for a doll.[1]
Heath's origin is still unknown. In "Fear Pressure," he mentions that Jackson is his normie cousin.
Heath's first mention in the dolls' continuity is in Abbey's diary where he is constantly hitting on her with corny one-liners.
In the first novel, Heath appears to be a normie (human).
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--- I'm sorry I had to, but I couldn't do part 5. SORRY!---

...In Cleo's hand, was a huge clump of Clawdeen's hair. Spectra pulled over on the side of the road, un-buckled and stomped to the back of the van. "Cleo!" Spectra đã đưa ý kiến angrily. "What?! She was annoying me!" Cleo started."Besides, she needed a hair-cut anyways! I mean-" Clawdeen interupted. "ALL BECAUSE OF YOU, I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL THE tiếp theo FULL MOON WHICH IS A tháng FROM NOW TO GET THIS BALD SPOT," Clawdeen pointed at a spot in her hair. "BACK WITH HAIIIIRRRRRR!" Clawdeen cried. "Don't worry," Billy reassured Clawdeen. Well, at least...
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posted by prim17luvr101
Monster Parent: The Werecat
Age: 15 - but I'm still on the first of my nine lives.
Killer Style: I purrfer fashions that accentuate my natural feline grace while adding just enough spikiness in my accessories to say, "I don't come when I'm called."
Freaky Flaw: Purrhaps I could be faulted for my fascination with the claw of cause and effect...or not. I suppose it all depends on whether hoặc not you're the monster being affected.
Pet: Sweet Fangs is my pet sabre-tooth tiger cub. She's much thêm cuddly than I am.
Favorite Activity: It's either taking a nap hoặc waking up from a nap and immediately taking...
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posted by prim17luvr101
bạn can't play my guitars hoặc read my diary so don't ask.

July the Twenty-fifth

Hey Fynn! I’m going to keep a diary. I’ll send it to bạn when school starts and bạn can read about my adventures…if I have any. I sure wish you’d tham gia the modern monster world and get yourself a computer hoặc at least an iCoffin so we could exchange email hoặc texts. Having to send everything bởi ghost post seems like it takes forever, not that we don’t have it, but bạn get my drift. Anyway, the morning after the going-away party y’all threw for us-which was clean outta fright-we caught a scream thuyền and headed...
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posted by xMiss-IceQueenx
Authors Note~Hey Guys and Ghouls Welcome to chapter 3 and this chapter we introduce another character with a new secret once thêm ! This also will Include a sprinkle  of Nefera and a Dash of Abbey and Heath plus part of the party ! So Here we go Chapter 3 *points downwards *

 I have to warn bạn guys this story will contain perverted thoughts, High school humor, Cussing , and High School Teenager/Adult Themes . So I'm just giving bạn a heads up warning .

I still need thêm secrets for Frankie,Clawdeen,Lagoona,Gil, Operetta, and Toralei 
       Thank bạn All so Much for the other ideas ~Cali...
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Me and jackson were walking down the hall from lunch it was yesterday sense that violence happened jackson asked me who valentine was i đã đưa ý kiến HIM pointing to Valentine who was kissing ANOTHER girl i went up to him and asked hmmm my boyfriend kissing another girl he whiped his head back its not what it looks like. It is exactly what it looks like valentine !! bạn promised me bạn never cheat on me well lookie here your cheating on me bạn lied i slapped across the face apparently:-) i slap people everyday i ran off crying so hard i couldn't breathe then jackson cauught up:-) with me i was on my...
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posted by pinkmare
okay since the threadarella story it's kinda short i'm thinking of making it long oh and i'm kinda borrowing some of the parts from disney's Lọ lem but that's what makes the story interesting, with parodies !!! anyways here's the main cast.

cinderella-frankie stein

prince charming-jackson jekyll/holt hyde

lady tremaine-Toralei (i'm making her older)

anatasia and drizella-meowlody and purrsephone

fairy godmother-abby bominable

the grand duke-mr.rotter

the king-dr.jekyll/mr. hyde

Jaq , Gus ,mary and the other mice -Gwen, Gaga, Green Day, Girlicious, and Ghostface Killah

bruno-Watzit (i'm also making...
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posted by CrazyVideos50
xin chào guys and ghouls here is a story after Threadarella(Frankie) goes with the prince(Holt/Jackson) enjoy!

After the young prince took Threadarella to his kingdom he asked her a câu hỏi "my lady will bạn go out with me?" Threadarella had a BIG smile on her face and node "yes" the prince smiled back and also asked "my fine ghoul a young prince needs to know what is your name?"
"Oh I'm sorry my name is Threadarella" she đã đưa ý kiến to him, the prince went on his knees holding her hands "Threadarella that's the greatsite name I ever heared my name is prince Holt Hyde" Threadarella smiled at him again...
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posted by Night_Star_101
Ok,so as bạn know the american x-mas rush starts!So I think Mattle should release the Torelei earlyer then planed (which is about late Dec).So far I have..
Fankie : Basic,Schools Out,Dead Tired and her bed.
Draclaura : Basic (wich I costumed),Schools out (came with Claud),and her coffin
Clawdeen : Schools Out,Dead Tired and bed.
Lagoona : Basic,Dead Tired + bed.
Ghoulia : Basic.
Cloe : Schools Out and basic
Deuce : Basic
Holt : Basic
Jackson : Gloom beach.
Abbie : Basic
Spectra : Basic
Claud : Basic/Schools out.

I want Torelei.