Chapter 4: Clawdeen Wolf

Clawdeen howled in pain as she cut herself with the razor. She was trying to shave but she just couldn't. Her lông, lông thú was so thick the razor got blunt in a matter of seconds. She sighed and threw the razor into her drawer, filled with other razors. Then, she simply fell asleep.

The tiếp theo day, Clawdeen walked into school when Toralei came up to her.
"Aww Clawdeen, finally started cutting yourself because bạn have no friends?"
"Grrrr! Stay out of it Kitty! I have clawsome Những người bạn who care about me!"

Clawdeen pushed Toralei out of the way and walked towards the group of ghouls happily chatting away.
"Hey ghouls," she đã đưa ý kiến normally, trying to ignore the itch on her leg.
"What's that smell?" Frankie said, sniffing.
"Bl......blooo...blood!" Draculaura said, fainting.

Clawdeen's tim, trái tim was racing. They can smell the rotting blood on her leg. First, Draculaura fell over, causing Frankie to bump against the lockers, electrifying Cleo who accidentally smeared lipstick on Ghoulia's face. Draculaura got up, holding her nose.
"Clawdeen, I think bạn should stay away from us until your' leg heals." Draculaura said.
"I agree." Cleo said, head held high.
They ended up walking off, heals clicking on the shiny tile floor.

"I guess bạn girls aren't as tight as bạn thought bạn were!" Toralei said, laughing.
Clawdeen was in pain, her leg was hurting and her tim, trái tim was aching. How could her Những người bạn do that to her?! She wasn't violent. Not at all, but right at that moment, Clawdeen pounced on Toralei, getting in a catfight.