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 Miyako Gotokuji in her first outfit
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Source: http://www.moetron.com/screencaps/ppgz_tv0136.jpg
Miyako Gotokuji in her first outfit after school. Do bạn think she looks like a schoolgirl wearing her school uniform?
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This Miyako Gotokuji bức ảnh contains anime, truyện tranh, phim hoạt hình, and manga. There might also be phi thuyền không gian and tàu con thoi.

Me:ok gotta continue
Kaoru:^^ (out of character)
Me:what got into your coffe this morning
Me:are they poisinus?
Me:ummmm ok then no cookie? i dont own most things except for the plot and my computer....and this story and this account but i dont own these letters -.- stupid letters
"WHY DIDNT MY PARENT COME BACK TOGETHER" I screeched , my voice was filled with venom,and pure agony
"why did my parents do this to me" i whimpered in a hushed tone

"why why why why why why why" i found my self crying hyterically and pounding on a dirty spray-paint...
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me:new fanfic yay ^^ ^^ ^^
Buttercup:obviously -.- i can see it ya know
me:disclaimer please
buttercup:"bouncingbunny doesn't own any thing" chuckles " probolly not even a brain"
me: i heard that!!!!! Anyways on with the story-.-
I'll deal with bạn later
Miyako's P.O.V
"THANK GOD school is over" i heard my friend kaoru claim vaugley
As usual she wore a wrinkly and old torn green áo sơ mi with a forest green sweater vest along with green and white cleats.
"okay kaoru time to go shopping" I heard a cheerful voice sang dillegentally
"oh come on Momoko do...
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This is the ending sequence that centers around Miyako the most.
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