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Prince: no we can't do that
Roc: Then what are we gonna do???
Prince: Do it without Ray
Mary: But it won't be the same
Makailah: I agree with Mary it's not the same
Prod: Well i talked to Keisha she đã đưa ý kiến it's risky
Justin: But bạn have no other choice
Ray: *looks really sad*
Makailah: cá đuối, ray what's wrong?
Ray: i feel like im letting ALL my những người hâm mộ down
Makailah: DON'T worry your making a good choice
Ray: *smiles really hard* yeah i guess your right
Makailah: *blushes* hehehehe
Mary: *gets jelous* we're all right YAY!
Diggy: Mary what's wrong?
Mary: *about to cry* Nothing, Nothing at all
Alana: *hugs mary* Girl you...
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xin chào sorry it took me soooooooo long to post this my computer was messing up so im going to make this one long n today is my birthday ahhhhhhhhh im 14 bitches LOL – Liên minh huyền thoại jk well bak to the story

still at dance class
mr.dd:r these boys going to be dancing with yall n the show
me:nawww th-(GCO)
girlz:yea they r
mr:dd:ok now this is how its goin own boys yall dance first then nas n breezy then yall 2 ok
mr.dd:now go boys go*plays music*
they dance like this link
us:woo woo go sexy
they stop now nas n breezys dance like this link
us:go go go do that dance lol
they stop then me n kay go
we dance like this...
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this was so awsome!!!!!!!!!!