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 what tails woul look like if he was human
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Sonic X and Disney crossover. This rocks.!!!
go to distance
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*At Sonic.exe, Tails Doll and BMF's house*
BMF: meh crazy morning.
TV: News Scrouge causing havic in town.
Sonic.exe: Why should we care?
Tails Doll: yeah I don't see why.
BMF: My third hàng đầu, đầu trang enemy I will be back.
*BMF leaves*
*In the forest*
Scrouge: Where is he. He đã đưa ý kiến he would come.
*BMF Aperes out of...Somewhere.*
BMF: Ready to lose?
Scrouge: Are bạn ready?
BMF: Always
*Scrouge uses spindash*
*BMF Jumps over him*
*Scrouge runs at BMF*
*BMF breaks Scrouge's arm*
*BMF does backflip somehow breaking Scrouge's leg in the process*
*BMF Causes head trama to Scrouge's head causing him to pass out*
*BMF Slices off Scrouge's head as a Prize.
BMF: Well two targets left Fiona and Tails
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It was tails 11 birthday and his parents got him a PS3 and WI-FI set that he always wanted.

Tails: Thanks mom and dad!

Tails' Parents: Your'e welcome!

So anyway when Tails hooked his PS3 and WI-FI set up, he downloded some âm nhạc and games like MineCraft and Tails adventure games and played free to start online games with his âm nhạc and added his friend, Sonic to his PS3 system. His main catchphrase before he starts playing is "Buckle Up" he even made a website using his WI-FI set on his laptop called Tails Chat. He even invited Sonic to his MineCraft earth simulator server online

Sonic: xin chào Tails, I made a mod out of redstone only!!

Tails: Cool!

(one giờ later)

Tails: Aaaaand there! xin chào sonic the laptop is completely finished!

Sonic: Cool lil' bro!

And then Knuckles, Amy, and cream were added too.

They all lived in separate houses in the game.

They're fovorite game is soccer.

The end! (^ -__- ^)
This is for Greenfire...Damn I miss him :(
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