Mikage Celestine, Burupya, 07-Ghost Club
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posted by AnimeismyLife
 Teito Klein and Mikage Celestine
Teito Klein and Mikage Celestine
Mikage Celestine was Teito Klein's best friend. He's the first who would be Teito's Best friend because Teito was once a battle sklave (Means Slave in Germany) and Teito was one of the Ragg's Family. Mikage was loyal to Teito, and he doesn't like it when Teito was being teased bởi other academy students. Like when Shuuri was making fun of him and Mikage used Zaiphon and porn sách came out of his desk. Mikage also teaches Teito a lot about having being "best friends" and having compassion for others. Mikage cares a lot for Teito. When he finds out that Teito has only been having pills for lunch,...
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