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Vote for MJ as The Greatest Madison Square Garden hiển thị of All Time!



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You guys Michael has 17% of the votes...
Whoever 'Culture Club' is has 28%, and Whitney Houston has 44%...
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Here is the results from the 1st round!
1. Whitney Houston 48.9%
2. Culture Club 25.8%
3. Michael Jackson, 16.2%
4. Luciano Pavarotti, 5.0%
5. Phil Collins, 1.8%
6. Neil Diamond, 0.70%
7. Madonna, 0.53%
8. Duran Duran, 0.23%
9. Peter Gabriel, 0.22%
10. Bon Jovi, 0.21%

Michael is 3rd, but I know he is a billion times better than this shows!
I'll post the link for the next round of voting December 3rd!
Don't forget to vote!
posted hơn một năm qua.