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posted by mjjennine
 my beautiful lover
my beautiful lover
Michael wrapped his arms tight around her. Jennine breathed in his wonderful scent. The uniform felt hard though the bits of silver reflecting her face. Michael lifted up her chin with one long finger. Looking her deep in the eyes he asked the very words that made Jennines tim, trái tim almost stop. "Would bạn like to Kiss me Jennine"? Jennine didn't even answer she moved her mouth closer to his. Feeling his breath on her face she closed her eyes and waited to feel his lips on hers. Soft lips touched hers gently. Jennine kissed those lips and then was ready for him to pull back but instead Michael...
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 my beautiful ghost
my beautiful ghost
Jennine sobbed in Michaels arms. What the hell was going on. Her brother picked up Jennines bag and carrie it out of the room. "Hey dont touch my stuf" she yelled after him. He ignored her. Rushing to follow him she stopped to a dead shock. Lying before her in front of the ngọn lửa, chữa cháy was her lifeless body. michael kissed her and soothed her and then turned her to face him. "Jennine listen to me" he đã đưa ý kiến gently stroking her face. "Youre dead. bạn had a tim, trái tim attack not lng after bạn arrived here. Thats why bạn can see me. " Jennine stared at him mouth wide open. Michael looked back at her with such tình yêu waiting. Jennine went back into his arms and buried her face into his chest. "Michael I tình yêu bạn . I dont care that i'm dead." then she looked at his magnificent face and he smiled. "Thats exactly what I hoped bạn would say. We will be together forever and I wont be lonely anymore." Then they kissed together forever. THE END.
During the trip, all were quiet. Essie was catching a glimpse at Michael from time to time. "He is so handsome with his sweet face and curly hair and brown eyes" Essie thought. She caught another glimpse at Michael but this time, Michael caught her looking at him. Essie immediately turned away and blushed. "Why?" Michael asked with a smile. "What do bạn mean?" Essie đã đưa ý kiến still looking away. "Why are bạn looking at me?" Michael đã đưa ý kiến still smiling. "I am not!" Essie đã đưa ý kiến looking at Michael sweetly. "Yes bạn are" Michael replied with a laugh. "Nu-uh" Essie đã đưa ý kiến also laughing. The two of them burst...
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Michael arrives back trang chủ after meeting Mccala's friend Lauren. He is very tired excited. Not really excited in a good way though. He was I guess bạn could say nervous. He told Lauren to talk to Mccala and he was eager to know how Mccala responds. Michael sits down on his giường as some tears fall from his eyes again. "I dont know what to do now." He says as he lets out a sigh. "I guess I should go to sleep." He says. He finally falls asleep about 20 phút later. Now it is morning and niether of them are happy hoặc in a good mood. Mccala was still very sad. She finally got up to get dressed. She...
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posted by pmjlover1997
Michael's spirit asked for Lisa's forgiveness
Michael Jackson's spirit reportedly asked for forgiveness from ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley at a gần đây seance.
Lisa Marie,43, is đã đưa ý kiến to have used with her make-up artist Karen Faye,53, to contact the late king of pop
Faye đã đưa ý kiến to UK newspaper The Sun ''he seemed to be on a mission to reach out to people in his life and be forgiven Michael spent his time explaining his faults and wanting us to forgive him. He seemed unsetttled. He seemed thêm jovial with Lisa.''
The psychic turned to me (Lisa) and đã đưa ý kiến Michael is telling me''You took such good care of me and i am so sorry I hurt bạn so much.'' he đã đưa ý kiến he should have listened to me more. It hit Lisa straight in the heart
posted by mjrocks13
Dear michael,you'll probaly never get this letter.We wrote bạn a hundred times before knowing how we feel, we'll write a hundred more.

This is it, here I stand (This is it)
I reach out my hand to bạn (I'll be there)
You're the ngọn lửa, chữa cháy that keeps me warm (Another day)
What can I do, Mike, To get through to bạn (Say Say Say)

We fought in a battle, but nobody won(Fall Again)
I have not the words here to explain (Speechless)
All I can do since bạn been gone is cry (Who's lovin you)
So come together(just another part of me)

bạn can change the world, i can't do it bởi myself (cry)
Theres a place in your heart,and i know it is tình yêu (Heal The World)
We will never let bạn part for bạn are always in our heart(willyou be there)
Today is June 14th, and Conrad Murray was in court today, so I was keeping up with the news all ngày to see what happened... In case bạn missed anything here's some info:

In the court in LA, there were tons of MJ những người hâm mộ & supporters with signs demanding "Justice4MJ" and posters with pictures of Conrad Murray with the name "Dr. Murder."

Joe, Katherine, LaToya, Jermaine, and Randy Jackson showed up and were in the court room. Conrad Murray and Michael's family had to go through back doors in order to avoid the crowd and media. After the hearing, Jermaine Jackson đã đưa ý kiến "Dr. Murray's the fall guy,...
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