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 Michael Jackson SMOKING?
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LOL – Liên minh huyền thoại no of course Michael does NOT smoke nore has he ever smoked. He is just posing for a picture one of many pranks he has done XD Still he is fricking SEXY is this picture as always ;)
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Michael Jackson
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This Michael Jackson bức ảnh contains mui xe and áo choàng. There might also be parka, áo gió, windcheater, anorak, windbreaker, mui xe, chiếc áo choàng trùm đầu, capote, áo trùm đầu, khăn trùm đầu, and wimple.

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 Waving To The những người hâm mộ
Waving To The Fans
"Good, I'll have my lawyer draw up the contracts, and it's my pleasure to welcome bạn to MJJ Productions, Inc. as of right now", Michael replied, "it's a pleasure to sign bạn on as one my new employees". They lifted their glasses and gave a hearty bánh mì nướng to their new business venture. "well, here's to us", Michael also replied, took a drink while sitting the window at Quantrell's house. Being CEO of a successful Fortune Hundred company such as, MJJ Productions,Inc., could afford to take in new clientale to add to his roster, and work with with his newest protegee, such as Maris.

At 55, Michael...
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