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 Michael Jackson SMOKING?
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LOL – Liên minh huyền thoại no of course Michael does NOT smoke nore has he ever smoked. He is just posing for a picture one of many pranks he has done XD Still he is fricking SEXY is this picture as always ;)
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Michael Jackson
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This Michael Jackson bức ảnh contains mui xe and áo choàng. There might also be parka, áo gió, windcheater, anorak, windbreaker, mui xe, chiếc áo choàng trùm đầu, capote, áo trùm đầu, khăn trùm đầu, and wimple.

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 He Is So Cuite <3
He Is So Cuite <3
~Author Notes~
Im Going To Start nghề viết văn Imagines That Pertain To Michael. bởi The Way These Are All Originals So If bạn Want To Use Them Please Give Credit,Thanks. And Guess What In The các bình luận hoặc On My tường bạn Can Ask Me To Write bạn One. But It May Take Time So I Do Hope All Of bạn Guys Understand. And All bạn Have To Do Is....
1.Tell Me What Era J5/Jackson's,Off The Wall,Thriller,Bad,Dangerous,HIStory,Invincable, This Is It.
2. If bạn Want To It To Be Clean hoặc Dirty Because I Know That Their Are MJPervs On Hear. Lol
3.What Do bạn Want To Do. For Example First Date,Movie Night, And So On.
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"You what?" Michael asked. "I said....I...Think i tình yêu you." Tatainna stammered. "Okay...how can bạn tình yêu me...you've only known me for only a ngày and a half." , "Doesnt really matter...i mean i have bạn ever heard of tình yêu at first sight?", "Yes...but to me it doesnt make sense...your just basically telling me that your in tình yêu with my looks." Michael pointed out. "Not exactly..." Tatainna replied as she began to walk up to michael. Michael just shook his head and began to walk down the hall, and into the kitchen, Tatainna followed him. "If bạn think im going to let bạn Kiss me again your just...
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