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This Michael Jackson bức ảnh contains hàng rào sắt, hàng rào đường sắt, picket hàng rào, hàng rào bằng cọc, hàng rào, hàng rào picket, and paling. There might also be hàng rào bằng cọc, hàng rào, and rào lại.

just like bạn đã đưa ý kiến we do remember michael as a down to earth person which he was michael did stop in his tracks just to say hello to a người hâm mộ and try to get to know that one person which is very sweet beacuse most celebrites dont do that most celebrites are stuck up and only worry about there popularity but not michael he was sweet and very generus he gave to charites and he visit thousands upon thousands of children in hospitals all around the worlds and gave them toys to pictures of him with his autograph on it to just a little talk with them just to make there ngày better most celebs wouldnt...
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how they treat michael is soo unfair everytime michael came out with a âm nhạc video it would either get banned hoặc it would either be talked about rudely which is not fair how when michael got accused of sexual conduct to a child which wasnt true at all but no they went along with it and belived the child which agian isnt fair how they didnt even let michael tell his part of the story which was the truth about what happend but of course they dont want to hear it hear the truth they just want to bash him which is not fair they dont do it to any other person but michael they treat michael unfairly...
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alot of us những người hâm mộ know michael as a caring loving person that wouldnt harm anybody hoặc anything he taught us to tình yêu one another no matter what even though we know michael but do they the other people no they dont michael was soo misunderstood bởi them even if they werent những người hâm mộ and even if they were những người hâm mộ he still was misunderstood bởi them they thought that they loved him and liked his âm nhạc and tried to go to the concerts of his and even tried to be a người hâm mộ but do they really understand his âm nhạc do they really understand what he was coming from many people thought they knew him many đã đưa ý kiến michael...
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michael jr. pov

i miss daddy i wanna go trang chủ but the mean lady đã đưa ý kiến he we say something she gonna hurt us i want my mama the mean lady đã đưa ý kiến swaid she shwe gonna hurt us too if we dint be quiet my brother was sleep

michael pov
i wake up seeing bright lights and machines around me tthen i see something then my vison became clear i was in the hospital and jonna was stand in the door way dress like she was gonna kill some one

jonna:hey sleepy head miss me
jonna:frist dont raise your voice at me một giây i fake my death now get up so we can go save our children

i put on my clothes and then stop to Kiss her she put her finger on my lips

mj:why cant i Kiss my beautiful girl
Jonna:oh nooooo bạn have a girl friend bạn little cheater
mj:well it's not my fault bạn left me alone with no one to love
Jonna:just come on and i think about that kiss

wow i miss that little addituted and she gotten sexier

pt:7 up next
 michael and jonna tình yêu
michael and jonna love