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This Michael Jackson bức ảnh contains đường phố, cảnh thành phố, bối cảnh đô thị, khu đô thị, thiết lập các đường phố, and thành phố cảnh. There might also be dấu hiệu, poster, văn bản, bảng đen, ký hiệu, trường, ngôi trường, trường học, schoolhouse, brownstone, and đá nâu.

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try to take a walk in michael's shoes while being on tour imagine thousands upon millions of những người hâm mộ trying to grab at bạn and trying to say a couple of words to bạn at least i tình yêu bạn hoặc michael your awesome hoặc grabbing at your hair hoặc bạn hands hoặc áo sơ mi pretty much what they can grab on to try being falsy accused of something that bạn didnt do and then going on tour in a foreign countrie that's a million miles away from trang chủ and trying to go to sing and people turn out to not want to even see your buổi hòa nhạc just because news reached where bạn live and bạn start to be soo shocked at it and not...
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your các bài viết are soo awesome i tình yêu đọc ur atircles like i đã đưa ý kiến i know michael would tình yêu them as much as i do and he would enjoy them as much as i do and his tim, trái tim would be warm as mine is everytime i read them because they are soo cool and awesome and i know that michael would be soo proud of bạn for writting such sweet and loving các bài viết and i am proud of bạn as well cause these các bài viết are soo touching and awesome keep up the good work girl and i am soo proud i cant say that enough and i didnt know that michael changed his number after he found out that latoya had found out that latoya had posed for playboy i learn stuff just bởi đọc ur các bài viết they are so awesome and they just cheer me up if i am having a bad ngày thankyou for writting such awesome các bài viết keep up the good work girl i cant say that enough
i argee with bạn a 100 percent its not about how much stuff bạn own that's about michael hoặc how many sách bạn have about michael its about L-O-V-E that bạn have for michael and the respect that bạn have for him yes i have been a người hâm mộ of michael for 3 years now almost 4 years i read alot of sách about him only the true ones and i have cd's that i own that i listen to alot i listen and read his sách and listen to his âm nhạc is because its really good and i enjoy them although my family isnt a người hâm mộ of him doesnt matter to me i tình yêu michael as a person not a enterainer like bạn đã đưa ý kiến if michael was still here it would be so awesome if i had a full conversation with him about nothing but ngẫu nhiên things and just have fun
Having been in this club for nearly a year, I've often wondered what it means to be real người hâm mộ of Michael Jackson. To me, it's not how many songs bạn know, how many sách you're pertaining to him, how many many of his buổi hòa nhạc you've attended, nor how good bạn are at trivia. As fellow "Moonwalkers", we come together for one purpose, and that's our loyalty to the "King Of Pop", Michael Jackson. If he were still here, I would like to have a one-on-one interview with him.

We pay homage to Michael bởi way, articles, poems, posting photographs and making our own trivia các câu hỏi in order to share insight...
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