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It was a nice, warm morning. Michael and Rosabel were sitting outside a cafe, having a snack. They were both laughing and joking and enjoying themselves until Michael saw a familiar face walking down the street. Michael's eyes went wide and he quickly got up and told Rosabel that they needed to leave immediately. The familiar face that Michael saw was none other than his father's face. They started making their way down the đường phố, street but Joseph had already seen them. Joseph quickened his pace and so did Michael and Rosabel. Eventually all of them had broken into a run. Michael didn't have any...
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The tiếp theo day
Aislinn woke up at around 9 in the morning. 'Whoa...I slept in a bit longer than I expected.' She thought. She's used to getting up at around 6 hoặc 7 in the morning. Well, she needed it. She got trang chủ around midnight after the hiển thị and she didn't get to sleep until 2 in the morning because she was thinking of that really romantic Kiss Michael gave her last night. She remembered it so well. She heard footsteps running toward her room and Cory came in. "Aislinn! We have a serious problem!" Aislinn looked at Cory with shock. "What problem?!" "It's Rick! He found out where Michael was!...
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Madeline and Albert were talking in the garden about how are the things going with the school."Maddy,you're so lucky that your school is not ready to be reopened!Mine is almost ready,that ngọn lửa, chữa cháy distruyed almost everything!But they fixed it so quuek!I wish my school was as poor as yours!The principal makes everything for making our school the best,and that makes me crazy!"."Albert,my school is so lucky that it was just s minor incident,'cuz if it would have been through a fire,it wouldn't be there anymore!But I'm not lucky!I wish I could stay with Michael more!Maybe he can live with me and my...
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posted by Princess-Yvonne
"Keep Your Head Up"

She's looking for a job and a finer place to stay,
She's looking for the hope and the empty promises,
She's working two jobs, keeping alive,
She works in a restaurant during day,
She waits her life away,
She wipes her tears away.
She hides inside every time she feels this way,
And she's :inside, every time her baby cries.

Keeping your head up to the sky!
Keeping your mind stay alive,
Keeping your wings so we can fly,
Keep your head up, tonight!
Keeping your head up to the sky,
Are we could just rise up, tell me now?
Give me your wings so we can fly!

Killing up the life in the birds...
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Michael Jackson
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Michael Jackson
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