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When the Michael Jackson movie `This Is It` is released on DVD it will feature at lot of bonus material not featured in the film.

‘This Is It’ will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on January 26, 2010.

Additional footage includes the complete and uncut versions of ‘Smooth Criminal’ and ‘Thriller’ and a ‘Making of Smooth Criminal’ featurette.

Also included will be two documentaries ‘Staging the Return: Beyond The Show’ and ‘Staging The Return: The Adventure Begins’ hiển thị Michael developing the hiển thị concept.

Single Disc DVD Bonus Material:

"Staging the Return: The Adventure...
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"You what?" Michael asked. "I said....I...Think i tình yêu you." Tatainna stammered. "Okay...how can bạn tình yêu me...you've only known me for only a ngày and a half." , "Doesnt really matter...i mean i have bạn ever heard of tình yêu at first sight?", "Yes...but to me it doesnt make sense...your just basically telling me that your in tình yêu with my looks." Michael pointed out. "Not exactly..." Tatainna replied as she began to walk up to michael. Michael just shook his head and began to walk down the hall, and into the kitchen, Tatainna followed him. "If bạn think im going to let bạn Kiss me again your just...
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