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J.K. Rowling says she was approached bởi Michael Jackson to turn her Harry Potter novels into a stage musical.

But the tác giả turned him down because she was convinced that the musical wouldn't be a success.

Even though she has agreed to many merchandising deals and even a theme park, she told Oprah Winfrey that there were many things she rejected. She said:

"Michael Jackson wanted to do a musical. I đã đưa ý kiến no to a lot of things. For me, I tình yêu the films, I tình yêu the books, and there's elements that I tình yêu around it… like the theme park. But I only wanted to do it because I knew it would be incredible."
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I have to quote Joel Ebert when he đã đưa ý kiến "I believe that Michael Jackson is the most "American" entertainer that this great country has ever seen.
Well let me add this he just not only an American
entertainer but he is a worldly person. Look at
all the charity work he has done for the poorest
nations of the world .
He saved a child's life who was in a hospital
in Bucharest Romania . He loves children and he
hurts inside when a child suffers in great pain.
Michael is forever the King of Pop & a worldly
person in my eyes.
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