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Did bạn know that MJ was bullied bởi his own father Joe slapped Michael around all the time when

ever he missed up on lyrics to a song hoặc messed up on a dance di chuyển too that is the real reason why Michael has a

perfect voice and can dance so good its because of his abusive father Joe Jackson and i hate it when people

keep saying that he loved Michael so much and he cared about Michael he did not care about

Michael he only used Michael for riches then tossed

him aside like a outcast afterwards bạn see Joe was pissed that

Michael threatened to tell on him about all of the groupies that he was sneaking...
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To my dearly beloved Michael,

Where to begin....

I'm nghề viết văn bạn this letter to let bạn know that bạn have touched me, & countless other những người hâm mộ in so many ways, but in my life especially!
I never expected to be touched bởi bạn on such a deep/personal way, & on the ngày of June 25th, 2009, bạn did just that!
Your âm nhạc is truly very inspirational & has so much meaning as well.
I listen to it all the time, & shall continue to listen to your wonderful music, for the rest of my days!
I've ALWAYS, ALWAYS believed in your innocence & always will!
I shall do whatever it takes to defend you...
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Jermaine on his unborn daughters and naming his son ‘Jermajesty’

EB: bạn have seven kids yourself now, having lots of kids seems to run in the Jackson tradition.

JJ: Well there's seven, and I'm having two thêm girls. The reason being is because I have six boys and one girl now, so when I have two thêm girls I'll be just like my father - three girls and six boys.

EB: Have bạn planned names for them yet?

JJ: Mecca and Medina.

EB: No J's this time? bạn have six Js. Jermaine Junior, you've got a Jermajesty.

JJ: Yes. He's the nine năm old. ...But there is Jermaine Junior, Jeremy, Jourdynn, Jaimy,...
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