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 The picture cây ô rô, hoa huệ, holly took of Michael with his awards
The picture Holly took of Michael with his awards
Another two years go by, and their relationship has lasted! They have very little arguments, talk all the time about songs and music, and they tình yêu being together (that is when they can see each other.) With Holly's mother she has never suspected nothing! cây ô rô, hoa huệ, holly always tells her mom that she is going over to Samantha's house, but she is really going over to Michael's. Since cây ô rô, hoa huệ, holly has just turned sixteen she will soon get her learners permint, which means soon she won't even need someone to take her to see Michael. Also during this time Michael has bought his parents trang chủ and is tearing it down...
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posted by asya10wooten
 michael math test
michael math test
flashback:michael and leeana went on a ngày but on the tiếp theo ngày they had hook up in the afternoon and leeana motheer saw her

when my dad got trang chủ bạn can say .......well bạn can say it went down yelling at me and michael.he was upset b/c me and michael only knew eachother for a week and we already hook up but i think im falling in tình yêu with him. my dad told michael not to come back im grounded for 2months so no time to hang out with my new Những người bạn hoặc michael anytime soon afterschool.

one tháng later

i got on the bus and sat tiếp theo to michael 'hey baby' ' xin chào mikey bear' i kissed on the cheeck...
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The Following Morning
Ashley woke up, finding out that she had slept with Michael. She blushed, main reason being that she's 4 years younger than him. She put her head on his chest, wanting to go back to sleep...until she sensed the guards coming.
'Oh no...' she thought.
She tapped Michael on the shoulder.
"Mike? Mike..." she đã đưa ý kiến in a whisper.
Michael didn't wake up so she moved away and decided to go into his cell and put pillows and a blanket on his bed. (Me: luckily the pillows were black!) She then went back into her cell and saw that Michael was still asleep! She slapped her forehead and walked...
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Now,Michael's birthday passed 2 months ago,and the 2 những người đang yêu seem to become thêm close with each ngày that passes.Now,Rose is walking in the little park near bởi her house,and she meets her friend,Alice."Hey,Rose,how are you?I missed you!",Alice đã đưa ý kiến sitting on a bench tiếp theo to Rose."Hi Alice,missed bạn too,how are you?"."I'm fine thanks,you?"."Same."."So,how's the movie going?Met any guys?Come on,tell me,we haven't talked since bạn started working on that movie!"."Well,the movie is doing great,and I am dating someone,but...I think there'll be a problem this week,with the movie..."."Why?"."Well,my...
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The days passed and Rose and Michael got to know eachother better,Michael was fascinated bởi how much they had in common and soon,it was already August,a week before his birthday.Rose thought about throwing a surprise party,but she needed some help.She called Liz and told her about it and she said:"Ok,let's do it!".Then Liz called everyone who was a friend of Michael,including his family and Rose told them her ideas,everyone accepted them and they began to do their job!Michael almost caught them once:Liz was bringing the decorations and the boxes were many,so she needed some help,and she asked...
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posted by asya10wooten
 michael on the floor when he got shot in the leg
michael on the floor when he got shot in the leg
she knew michael would never kill her and she was not go out like this without a fight.jonna began to laugh at michael.michael just stood looking at her crazy like."you know bạn dont want to kill me michael joseph jackson"jonna đã đưa ý kiến "how do bạn name my whole name"michael asked when he began to sniffin "well michael i did my research when bạn told me that bạn was assassin i went into my database but julio never came up but one picture came up that look just like bạn and i thought....... well if his name isnt julio it must be michael jackson"jonna with an evil smirk michael then began to move...
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 Michael's present to Rebecca
Michael's present to Rebecca
Rebecca was starting to cook and Michael helped her out. She was frying up some chicken and making salads, rice, corn, and peas. Guess where the chicken came from? KFC. As soon as they were done, Chris came back with Crystal. Rebecca came out of the phòng bếp, nhà bếp to see Crystal and ran up to her and hugged her. "Crystal! bạn made it!" She said. Crystal hugged back. "Of course I did! How could I not make it? Oh and I heard about bạn and Michael. I'm so happy for you!" Crystal đã đưa ý kiến all excited. They broke away. "I didn't know bạn and Chris were related, Rebecca. That's so interesting!" "Well, something...
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 Michael in his yêu thích color, red
Michael in his favorite color, red
After they had kissed at the wedding, Michael and Breanna became the "It couple." The media and the những người hâm mộ loved them. When Breanna woke up in the morning, they camped out in front of her house,waiting for her to come out. Whether she liked it hoặc not, she was a celebrity. Mrs. Davis also became a celebrity because she was Breanna's mother.

Everybody loved Breanna, except for Tatiana. Tatiana was very jealous of her. She resented the fact that Michael had picked Breanna over her. Tatiana did not understand what he saw in her. She was not even cute. What was so special about her? To make matters...
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 MJ- The Undisputed King of Pop
MJ- The Undisputed King of Pop
MTV who benefitted tremendously from MJ's talent, superstardom, and ground-breaking video attempts to disrespect the KING with their salacious reporting. I found this bài viết on MTV.com and the bài viết was written bởi Gil Kaufman. But I will also share with bạn a bình luận left bởi an intelligent lady who read between the lines and saw the disrespect. She also did what I recommend that we ALL do. WHEN THE HATERS CHOOSE TO LIE, CALL THEM OUT ON IT!!! Check this out and just read the salaciousness of the bài viết and read between the lines. Okay, here we go!!!

'Justin Bieber: Never Say Never' has...
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"Give In to Me" is the tenth track on Michael Jackson's 1991 studio album Dangerous. It is a very personal song, and Michael even inventet a whole new word, for this burning, passion love, "Quench My Desire" and he sings his tim, trái tim out like we never heard before. The single peaked at #1 in New Zealand for 4 consecutive weeks, and at #2 on the UK Singles Chart. Stylistically, "Give In to Me" is a hard rock ballad which features former súng N' hoa hồng lead guitarist Slash playing on the song. The song, also considered as a heavy metal ballad, has an aggressive sexual flavor. The single was never...
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posted by NikkiLovesMJ
"You Are Not Alone", released in August 1995, is the một giây single from Michael Jackson's album HIStory. The R&B ballad was written bởi R. Kelly in response to difficult times in his personal life. He then forwarded a bare demo tape to Jackson, who liked the song and decided to produce it with Kelly. Jackson's interest in the song was also linked to gần đây events in his personal life.

In "You Are Not Alone", Michael tried many times, to tell himself, during his most desperate and anguished times, that he did have support in his life, from a higher power, Những người bạn and family and he sure did....
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posted by House34
I mentioned in the other bài viết that I would stop being so opened to everyone.

Well I will. As much as it hurts, I will :(

This is for the persons I think are true MJ fans.. I think these persons can help me bring the tình yêu back.

This is for you:

I know maybe there are other những người hâm mộ who feel what I feel..and who carry the tình yêu from Michael. But this is especially for...
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i was created this magic thing
i tình yêu to created things*
ok cool so....blanket starts to mess withthis thing we have
and we all walk in the room from ( paris,prince u and me )
and we say all together NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
and we go into the 80"S
ok then we say blanket what are u doing ?
and then i đã đưa ý kiến "Where are we" then prince and paris saids "How should we know its your thinng thing"
nd u đã đưa ý kiến "I know this house ive seen it be4"
and we step back and yell and screm and say THIS IS THE KING OF POP HOUSE!!!
and mj opens the door looking likw WTH!!
then blanket says xin chào who are...
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posted by ozchick


(Mike stirs, slowly opening his eyes and leans over and kisses his beauty on the forehead)

MIKE: Morning sugar pop (giggles softly)

BRANDI: (laughs sleepily) bạn know I hate it when bạn call me that baby.

MIKE: I know, thats why I do it (gets up and stretches awww baby girl look at the beautiful...
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It was 9:00 AM three girls who were teenagers and their names was Amani,Amira,and Astrina they were sisters Amani and Amira were fraternal twins and Amani was watching a commercial of Michael Jackson that his buổi hòa nhạc was today. Amani got surprised and đã đưa ý kiến “Hey bạn guys we should go to a Michael Jackson buổi hòa nhạc tuuuuday” Amira đã đưa ý kiến “Wait a một phút I’m not going to his buổi hòa nhạc with all them những người hâm mộ just shoving around me including you” Amani đã đưa ý kiến “Oh shamone Mira we should go there” Amira and Astrina laughed. Their parents wasn’t home, but they didn’t give a crap where they are...
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posted by BadEra1988
It was morning time, and it was 1987 Michael Jackson was getting ready to head out to the door to go to his stage, but when he was about to go he heard a phone call from his manager Frank Dileo. Frank Dileo called Michael Jackson and đã đưa ý kiến “Hey Michael the buổi hòa nhạc is at Yokohama” Michael Jackson đã đưa ý kiến “Okay”. Michael Jackson went on his plane, and when the plane landed his những người hâm mộ were all over there screaming “MICHAEL!!” Michael Jackson had to hurry up to his concert. When the buổi hòa nhạc started he saw a beautiful woman who had curly hair,red lipstick,and a Jean áo khoác on he saw her in...
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posted by MissJackson77
[For this story, my name is going to be Becky. Hope bạn like the story, please tell me what bạn think of it, Thank you:)]

Chapter 1: [In 1988, BAD era Michael]
"Michael pass me the ball!" I called ahead to Michael, who was running with the ball I was asking for, about 10 metres ahead of me. We were in the field near Neverland, which was huge. Me and Michael always enjoyed playing there.
"You gotta catch me first!" Michael giggled, running faster. I tried to run a little faster but I wasn't very good at running and I have asthma which makes me tired quicker. I gave up and stopped running, falling...
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It was 2:00 in the morning, I was lying down tiếp theo to Prince when the phone rang “Hello?" I groaned as a soft voice whispered “Hey, Lilly. Did I wake you?" Michael worried as I sat up “Oh no, what's wrong? Do I need to come over?" I worried as he chuckled. Michael was my best friend in the whole world, we told each other alot of secrets. But I always thought Michael had a secret he just didn't want to tell me “No, Lilly. I just wanted someone to talk to. That's all. Is Prince sleep?" Michael đã đưa ý kiến as I whispered “Yeah, he is so cute." Michael chuckled “Oh God. Lilly, we all know...
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So they went out of the strip club."So, how are we going to get to New York?" Other Michael asked."That bus over there" Michael replied pointing to a bus that takes people to the Apollo."The perfect transportation" Other Michael said."Never knew it was that easy!" Michael joked. They went to the bus and got on.Once a lady got on the bus, the bus doors closed.The bus driver was in a happy mood and announced "We're going to New York!" A little kid mocked him and the bus driver đã đưa ý kiến "Im gonna pretend I didn't hear that!" The little kids older sister said" Shut up David, don't ruin my ride!" David...
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posted by Ilovezuko221
xin chào everyone - so this is my first time posting an bài viết on this site. It's just a danh sách of my yêu thích MJ songs (or at least the ones that could come to mind right now)
P.S - this is a changed version - thanks 2 Eternalmike I just remembered some thêm songs :))

1 - Earth Song (I tình yêu this song! <3<3)
2 - Bad
3 - Another Part of Me
4 - The Girl is Mine
5 - Human Nature
6 - Dirty Diana
7 - Stranger in Moscow
8 - I Just can't Stop loving you
9 - Will bạn be there
10 - Heal the World
11 - Remember the time
12 - Girlfriend
13 - Dangerous
15 - Working ngày and Night
16 - Don't stop Til' bạn get enough
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