Brolin Wiki Beta (Fandom)

Authored by BJsRealm

  Brolin (not to be confused with the two world famous actors) is a fandom, a gay pairing of two Merlin lead actors, Bradley James and Colin Morgan, in real life. Their off screen friendship is so close that for the fans they are much more then just best friends, especially after their secret bonding for life as two blood brothers still on set of Merlin back in 2009, right after they've both returned from their journey to Wales. Their mutual bonding for life was only a logical conclusion of their ongoing relationship, both on and off set. They soon became best friends whilst portraying Prince Arthur, later to become King Arthur, and his manservant and closest friend and advisor Merlin. Both Bradley and Colin became virtually inseparable, giving a reason to the fans to start treating them as a couple, instead of just best friends. They have appear together in public on numerous ocassions, even attending some famous social events such as a National Television Awards 2013. Colin has won the prize for being a best drama actor, and Bradley was his date to the Awards ceremony which could hardly go unnoticed by the media and the fans alike. The secrecy concerning their oath to bond for life and became brothers by blood, both literally and figuratively, only led to series of rumours regarding their own sexual preferences. Although they both claim to be straight, Colin and Bradley, soon named Bradlin by the fans, later to be re-named Brolin, became the most famous fictional modern-day gay couple in reality. Their gay pairing has become a part of a modern-day culture, much like Merthur. There is a whole variety of fan-made pictures and videos dedicated to both Merthur and Brolin. For most of their fans their relationship is long gone beyond friendship to a whole new level. According to the fans, the two Merlin boys have become a love couple in real life. Both Merthur and Brolin may very well be the two greatest love stories ever told, soon to become legendary couples. It has already become completely irrelevant if they are nothing more than just best friends, secretly bonded for life as two blood brothers. Although both Colin and Bradley keep denying even the possibility for a romance, their bromance is plain to see for everyone. The true nature of their mutual relationship may very well never be revealed in public, yet it is the mystery surrounding these two stars that has started the rumours of their gay romance in the first place, not only amongst the Merlin fans, but also widely accepted as the truth even by the media.


 Both Colin and Bradley have decided never to comment in public on any question, or any allusion whatsoever, to their mutual romantic relationship. Therefore, there is no public statement issued by the two young actors, both rising stars, to confirm the existence of such a romance in the first place. However, the media, much like their fans all over the world still truly believe in the love story. Fictional or not, this secret gay love story has certainly help in promoting BBC Merlin, especially amongst gay community worldwide which has already accepted the two Merlin stars in love even in real life as their own gay icons.