Ella:Me and my parents had been driving down to the ocean hoặc at least we would have been if I hadn't had an ear infection.It was so dumb and my mother đã đưa ý kiến I couldn't get any salty sea water in it!Even though I had my ear plugs my mom still didn't trust me even though she đã đưa ý kiến "it's not that I don't trust you" I know she didn't because she always seemed to try and cause an interruption before she could finish her sentence me and my family ended up in a lake near a strange town called Douglas my parents set up the blanket.

My Dad:Hey Ella where did John go?

John was my annoying little 9 năm old brother who was always getting Mất tích and hated my massive cartoon obsession.

Ella:I don't know....I guess I'll go look.

I took my goggles and annoying ear plugs and passed a few girls pretending to be Những nàng tiên cá then I came across a part of the lake that said:NO SWIMMING!

I thought it would be fine seeing is how I heard splashing. Their was a bench I put my flipflops on and a big staircase looking rock and further out to the water I saw a big rock I stood their looking at this beautiful location until I had a thought: what if my brother was in trouble hoặc out to water about to drown? I jumped into the water and swam out to the big rock.I stood and looked around.I heard someone in the woods tiếp theo to the water and saw my brother wandering around.

Ella:'sigh' stupid John could have drowned me!I flipped back into the water until I saw that the rock I stood on was attached to the bottom I knocked into it and felt pain until I sank.Soon bởi my suprise I was still alive I woke up to,two girls swimming me around.Until I couldn't believe my eyes I was in front of a mermaid!She was a beautiful creature with bright red hair blue eyes and a crown her tail had been dark blue and her hàng đầu, đầu trang area was light blue.

Mermaid:Alia,Samara,who have bạn brought me?

Then looking down I realized the girls swimming me and dragging me towards their Queen were Những nàng tiên cá to!

First Mermaid:A human your highness found floating around Siren teratory!

Mermaid queen:Impossible no humans have been seen in this area after....(she gazed at a bone) well...

Ella:'breaths in quickly'

Mermaid queen:What is your name human?

một giây Mermaid:Your highness humans are stupid brainless creatures they surely can't speak.

Mermaid queen:silence bạn know not anything about humans Alia!

Ella:My name is Raphaella but your highness may refer to me as Ella.

That was the weirdest thing I had ever done.

Mermaid queen:You think it's a funny idea sneeking around Siren waters?we could have mistaken bạn for a mermaid!

Ella:If I may your highness...whats the difference?

"Siren" queen:Sirens have a beautiful voice that Những nàng tiên cá long for but we have had wars over this song for years.What are bạn doing here Ella?

Ella:Searching for my younger brother your highness.

Siren queen:You have searched for a person that bạn care about and that deserves a reward...from this moment on bạn will remain a peace kind the season summermaid but will be cursed with ear problems for as long as bạn have never been in travel to the heavens!So be it bạn believe in heavens creator not chance and from this moment on in summer as long as bạn swim bạn shall be summermaid!

I hadn't realized their had been a croud of Sirens sitting on rocks near the Queen who cheered.Soon I looked down and their it was a mood tail witch was currently blue.

2 b continued......