The car rolled up to the large church like building.Elena was amazed of the huge towers,towering high above them.The reason they were there was because of her father who was a scientist and studied sea plants and stuff.

"So Elena,what do bạn think?"Her Dad asked.Elena would much rather be at the hotel in the swimming pool than here,but it did look a little exciting."Well,how long's it going to take us?"Elena asked.Her Dad frowned.

As they got closer to the building,she could see big white doors opening to the building.As they got even closer she saw big windows with Những nàng tiên cá on them.The Những nàng tiên cá were beautiful.They were each combing their hair in the pictures.

The doors opened and a man with a white lab áo, áo khoác and a short beard stepped out."Why,Charlie!Your here and I see bạn brought your daughter and wife!"The man exclaimed.Elena's father smiled,"Yes,this is Elena,"He đã đưa ý kiến motioning toward her,"and this is my wife Carol."

"Well,it's lovely to meet bạn all."The man đã đưa ý kiến bowing,"Why don't bạn all come in?"Elena's mother smiled,"We'd tình yêu to."She said.

As they stepped inside,Elena could see paintings and windows with Những nàng tiên cá in them."Ah,I see bạn like my mermaid collection,"The man said."They are all wonderful,don't bạn think?"He asked.Elena did not really like the man,but she was polite,"Yes,they are very wonderful."She answered.

They walked and walked until they came upon a large bàn with many bottles of liquids in them.On the bàn was microscopes and bowls and cups of many different things.

"This is my collection of the water in ponds puddles,and of course the ocean.I have found that there are many different specimens in the water,all depending on the water type."The man said.Elena's dad looked around at all the bottles,closely examining them.

They walked around many places in the large building,so much that Elena's legs hurt.When the large clock đã đưa ý kiến 3:30 p.m. they left.

"It was magnificante Rasco,"Her father đã đưa ý kiến as they were leaving,"So 8:00 a.m. tommorrow?"Elena's jaw dropped,they were having to come back TOMMORROW?!"Of course Charlie,and Elena make sure bạn bring your bathing suit,so bạn can play in the ocean while your father and I collect samples."

"Well at least I get to swim for once in this vacation."Elena thought.