Derek and Meredith
Well, Meredith and Derek first met at Joe's Bar , when they would bolth start work tommrow. Derek is Merediths bosses boss. They bolth work at Settle Grace Hospital ( SGH ).Merediths mother Ellis Grey is a famous surgan. Meredith when she found out that Derek worked at SGH she was shocked as was I. Derek through episode 1-5 trys to make Meredith go out with him. Meredith đã đưa ý kiến to Derek ' ITS THE THRILL OF THE CHASE '. when Derek is really sweet and says to Meredith ' ITS NOT THE THRILL OF THE CHASE, I LIKE U BECAUSE YOUR TINY FIST,YOUR BOSSEY AND YOUR HAIR SMELLS LIKE A FLOWER'. Meredith then likes Derek. Derek goes to Meredith's party were she is danceing on the front lawn with tyicla. Then they makeout in Dereks car in her driveway. Bailey sees them.Bailey tells derek ' THE tiếp theo TIME I SEE bạn FAVORYING MEREDITH GREY I WILL MAKE SURE SHE DOSE NOT SEE INSIDE OF AN (OR) FOR A MONTH'.On the 9th - last episode for season 1 - Derek's wife comes over and Derek sayes to Merdith ' MEREDITH I AM SO SORRY ' , derek the sayes ' ADDISON WHAT ARE bạn DOING HERE,she sayes WELL bạn WOULD NOW IF bạn WOULD PICK YOUR PHONE UP FOR ONCE. meredith is very confused addison says' HI IM ADDISON SHEPHERD,meredith ryples ' SHEPHERD? , addison sayes, ' bạn MUST BE THE WOMEN THATS DOING IT WITH MY HUSBAND.IN season 2 meredith is at joe's bar were she is drinking a drink . Christina is sitting with her and so is George Merdith says ' LETS PLAY A GAME , WHOS LIKE SUCKS THE MOST I WILL WIN , christina says, I AM GONNA WIN. meredith says I WILL DID bạn KNOW DEREK HAS A WIFE. George coughs when he was drinking his beer. christina says ' GEORGE bạn HAVE bia DRIPPING OUT OF YOUR NOSE. cHRISTINA SAYS, SO McDREAMY IS McMARRIED. later in that season meredith tells derek that he has a choice me hoặc addison , ' PICK ME CHOSE ME tình yêu ME ' meredith and derek vet. meredith gose on a ngày with him - finn - derek choses addison overer her. in the end of that season they have do-it in the exsam'in room. In season 3 Meredith tells finn and derek that she has a choice derek hoặc finn . so she dates bolth of them. later she dose alot of puking . my fav one is when. Bailey,Meredith,Derek,George and christina are their and addison walks in when derek askes meredith to do a surgary with him. and addison says to bailey, OH MY GOD, george says , OH WOW.derek the says OH MY GOD, Meredith is sitting dow facing the other way so she dose not know what their oh my goding to. and christina smiles and Says McSteamy ( Meredith made that name up for mark when derek punched him for talking to meredith really flirting with her and she holds a mirrow for him to do his own stiches - he is a plastic surgan doctor- merdith walks out and izzy and george and christina and alex and looking at him and meredith says.' McSexy, EVERONE SAYS NAHH, christina says McHottie, nah then Meredith sayes McSteamy.) And WHEN MEREDITH PUKED AFTER EVERONE HAD THEIR OMG MOMMENT I THOUGHT THAT WAS SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO FUNNY. MEREDITH GETS HER APPENDINX taken out and derek loves meredith so so much that he walks away from the commitition between him and finn. So meredith thinks that derek is the one beacuse he loved her so much that if he loved her enough he would wait. DEREK saves meredith from drowing in the three part episode season three 15-17.she dies and comes back to life. Later meredith trys to save her step moms life. and she dies in surgsary because she had the hick ups. she trys to go to the funnarly derek offers to go with her. but she is told bởi her father that she is not welcome to the funaral meredith was in a complete shoock. in season 4 derek is talking to meredith and merdiths half sister says sorry i kinda blew that info on you. then derek says to lexie oh xin chào your the girl from the bar meredith face looks like she mad sorta shocked. and lexies like oh yeh oh wow derek right . meredith says i'm the girl from, the bar and she walks away lexie the says great my sister already hates me. dereks face is shocked. meredith and derek break up and end up have an orgasim when they break up often. throughj the season.merdith dose therpy derek moves in with her. in season 5 derek is sued for killing a pregnet lady in surgy. then he coms back and meredith convinces him to do surgry on izzy who has cancer. then derek purpoces to her in th elvator. they get married on a post-it note at the end of the season six they are married - kinda not legaly- .
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