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I don't really care that it gives away most of my pop câu hỏi kiểm tra can thik of this as either an Answer Key hoặc a Wikipedia Page that can't be edited
Age:15 (for now)
Country:United States
Birthday:October 4th
Favorite Color:Blue
Hobbies:Computer/Watching TV/Watching anime And Baseball ;D
Favorite Male anime Characters:Jimmy Kudo,Monkey D. Luffy Katsuya Jounounchi,Hiroto Honda,Malik Ishtar,Ichigo Kurosaki,Edward Elric,Alphonse Elric,Satoshi,Takeshi,Kenji,Kojiro (Pokemon)and so on..
Favorite Female anime Characters:Haruhi Suzumiya,Ino Yamato,Kagome Higarashi,Serenity Wheeler,Ran...
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