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posted by zutaradragon
"Gen. 59, 1st try, is an utter failure."
"yes, it's barely human."
"we can't kill it, though. we can't get a needle through the scales."
"we'll cut it and it can bleed 2 death, 4 all i care. it's scales r not that hard yet."
"yes, but it's venom is still deadly. perhaps she isn't as big a failure as we 1st thought..."
"r u questioning your better?"
"no sir!"
"good. through her in a cage and throw away the key. apparently the only way 2 kill her is starving her 2 death."
"but sir....the venom. she shoots at anyone who comes near."
"ware protection, cover all skin."
"i know sir, but the cages r open in...
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posted by zutaradragon
Hi, my name's Krystal and....I guess I should tell u y I'm here. which means I should probably figure it out 4 myself. like they said, I'm just a big disgrace. If life is worth the pain then I haven't seen one reason I'm standing here on my own....alone....just as it's always been and always will b.

my entire family was killed bởi a burglar when i was 4...except my grandmother. she raised me after that....until I was 12, when she died....just like everyone else that means anything 2 me. but my life starts a năm b4 then...

I walk around the town. it's a small town and everyone knows...
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posted by zutaradragon
 Kem Senef
Kem Senef
"never have i ever been left bởi my family." Slash says as we sit around a fire. the whole flock raises their hands except her and Bracken. her "father" was killed and Bracken had no family 2 speak of.
"never have i ever killed anyone." Max says, everyone raises their hands.
"never have i ever killed strictly 4 personal gain." Fang makes it thêm specific. Bracken and I raise our hands. snake god he killed those who opposed him...
"never have i ever been convicted of a crime and gone 2 jail." he says, and i raise my hand...

i used 2 give a fuck, now i give a fuck less. let's just say that...
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posted by zutaradragon
here's some things u need 2 know.
1) the order is as followed. Name (nickname) DNA, age, Gen.?
2) if there's a câu hỏi mark where DNA goes it's unknown. if there's one after the DNA mix then it's a guess. if there's one after Gen. then we don't know it
3) the flock, Gen. 55, were the 1st ones that lived. the erasers were tiếp theo at Gen. 56, and the current ones are Gen. 77 and up.
4) added info needed will b at the end of the listing
5) there can be thêm then one of each Generation.
6) each ~ shows the start of a dif. person's group.

Flock We Know (can b played bởi anyone who needs 2 play them):
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posted by ttyla
Hi! I am Theola, 19 years old. I have the ability to stop time, and anything that has to do with cold and water. Which means I can freeze things and make the room freezing cold. I have yet to discover how far cold I can make a place be, but I have made it to the point where it rains hydrogen. (in case bạn don't know, that is is close to absolute zero, the point where atoms stand perfectly still.) I can only stop time when I am scared. That is something that I am working on. My boyfriend is named Walter <he will be appearing one day, I don't know when>. He is literally my opposite. We were made from scratch on our home-planets. I'm from Hurricana and he is from Juniper. Any ways, that's the jist of me.

I'm not too good at names, but I am willing to try. Please accept me into the flock!
posted by Man-of-Arcane
Kit was very different than many members of the flock because of the way he porcured his power. Kit, unbenounced to many but Sheak, is from a family, a rich one at that, of wizards. At the time of birth of his family members, the family elder is to bond the soul of the child with that child's spirit animal. The animal does not die, but bonds with the soul of its host and helps that person through their life. Kit, as can be seen, has the soul of a white tiger. He grew up as the single heir to his family and his parents have been missing for months. He went on the road to get away from his training and constant nagging and found the flock. Sheak was the only one he told about his many secrets, including the truth of his being Max's voice.
posted by zutaradragon
ok everyone, this is the place 2 post up your couples and maybe pair up with someone else. (i would suggest looking at ages 1st. and, of course, u've gotta ask if it's not your character unless it's one of the original) this will b đã đăng with males 1st, the females. if there's a câu hỏi mark in eather spot that person's open until further notice. (i will chỉnh sửa it as people post who's with who) starting with the original flock and going down, here we go.

Fang:Maximum Ride
Iggy:Ella (Max's sister. she's normal as far as we know)
Ratchet: ?
Holden: ?
? :Angel
? :Nudge
? :Star
? :Kate
Kem Senef:Cross
Mes~En Aped:Shadow
Seki Hed Ahew:Sapphire
Neken Shebi:Crimson
? :Rainbow
? :AJ
? :Akyra
? :Max
? :Moon
? :Violet
? :Beacon
posted by Dovemoon
Not too long cách đây did all the people in a village fear to walk in the street, scared to lose their lives. Some say a gang would sneak after bạn and kill you, others, a chubracabra attacking the village ( these people weren't the brightest.), but most people think it might be evil spirits.
But it was none of these. It was an assassin sent out from the School. Evil places must have evil enemies, right? So, they need them gone. And their newest experiment was out to do it.
The experiment was designed for attack. It was as silent as an owl in flight and on land. It was faster than fast. It could...
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posted by zutaradragon
wanna hear a story about a boy who's always mistaken 4 a snake? the only human part of this boy is his chest and arms. his face, head, and the rest of him, is snake. he's covered in scales from head 2 tail tip, and he's about 20 feet long, give hoặc take.

he was born in a test tube, along with many other things of mixed DNA. part human, part animal hoặc animals. on the tube it đã đưa ý kiến "Gen. 60" once the egg inside the tube was fertilized it grew a protective shell around it, confusing the scientists. once the egg hatched they realized they used way 2 much snake DNA. he was a large child, and they kept...
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posted by silverstream101
 Akyra's Dual Swords
Akyra's Dual Swords
My life was all about needles, cages, and tests. bạn see being a freak, mutant, hoặc whatever bạn want to call kids like us, this is how u lived. its was either bạn do what ur told, hoặc u die. It was simple. Even though the test hurt and, depending on what ur DNA is, killed you.
Just like the rest at the school i don't know who my parents are. They could be dead for all i know. hoặc they could be one of the parents who donate their kids, just to make some money.
I made a few friends. We couldnt see each other very much. Only when they were not testing on us. Her name was Maria, her DNA was just...
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