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People mostly like him because of his looks than his personality. Well now they will see why I like him. I like him because he sings what is on his mind. He also sings a song about how people should hiển thị their true colors. He is sweet and doesn't care what people say about him. He just cares about what he believes in and about his family and fans. He loves his sister and brothers and even if the baddest thing is happening he will have a smile on his face. Mattyb is reliable, funny, and sweet and that's why I like Mattyb.
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bạn know what mattyb i used to hate âm nhạc not untill i started knowing you. bạn made me in tình yêu of your âm nhạc and of course you.

i tình yêu bạn mattybraps and keep on going. i tình yêu all as in all of your songs and raps especially your original songs.

bạn are super cool,cute,awesome,unique
and bạn are the kind of boy that i like.

i wish i can meet bạn in person. tình yêu bạn cutie i wish i can meet bạn in your concert. i am fall for bạn

bạn made me who i am today, bạn made a girl tình yêu music, your music. but bạn are not just my crush cuz i dont just like bạn i tình yêu bạn and i will be a bGirl forever till my last breath and for the last time i tình yêu bạn very muc
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