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An unique embroidered painting (offer)

My name is Levon (Leo), i'm from Armenia/Yerevan.

I wish to present to your attention a piece of art which is exceptional bởi its craft and quality in the world.This is an embroidered painting that was embroidered in satin stitch. The tác giả of the work is my grandmother who died on the eve of an International Exhibition. The embroidery was made from 1986-1987. thêm details are provided below.
Many experts find it hard to estimate the true value of the work in compliance with International Market prices. This work is of very high quality and one may dare to say it has no match in the world. A closer look at the embroidery will reveal the multiple range of colorful threads used in the work which are positioned in a way that resembles brush work.
The embroidery is made of muline thread. Yet what makes this work unique and what art experts value the most is that nothing but thread was used in this painting while generally embroiderers initially outline their work with pencil before working with thread.The only tools that made this work is thread, canvas and needle!

But there is a problem, I do not know how to sell!
There are many nuances that I do not know...I'm looking for someone who can sell (museums, auctions [sothby's])

If bạn have an idea hoặc some info, please contact with me.

Thank You
Regards Levon
 An unique embroidered painting (offer)
 levonab90 posted hơn một năm qua
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dhhadd said:
Go to a auction and give information and background info about it, surely they can help sell it for you!
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posted hơn một năm qua 
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