Crystalwing headed into the moors of Grassclan. Her mother Lillyflower was just killed and not a single cat had sympathy hoặc wanted revenge on those Snowclan cats. The two clans had clashed a two hours cách đây and still everybody was expecting them to charge into camp and finish up the rest of them. Suddenly, she saw a flash a yellow. Crystalwing slowly stalked phía trước, chuyển tiếp ready to attack. Then, she was her cat. It was Lemonheart her little sister. "Where are bạn going? Revenge like bạn were meowing about?" Lemonheart asked fixing her two mismatching eyes on her. "You guessed right." Crystalwing replied heading back on track to Snowclan area. "Are bạn really that chuột brained? So, you'll walk into the middle of their camp full of lots and lots of mèo and kill yourself?" Lemonheart meowed irritably. Crystalwing had always disliked Lemonheart and treated her like an enemy even though Lemonheart wanted to be her friend. "Don't bug me puny furball go bug your new apprentice Flypaw instead? bạn are a loser and that is what you'll always be!" Crystalwing hissed fury in her voice. Lemonheart gave her a hurt look. "Suit yourself... you'll change your mind though just... make sure bạn do change your mind. Okay?" Lemonheart meowed softer than she did which was why her name was Lemonheart. Crystalwing didn't reply. I'm not admitting my puny little sister is right. Never ever. Crystalwing marched further up the slope in till finally she crossed Snowclan border. She jumped down the slope she was so close to their camp! Oh no... Lemonheart was right I'm going to die! She ran for dear life. I just need to follow river home..."Look a Blazeclan cat!" A small voice đã đưa ý kiến from behind her she stopped and turned around. A small apprentice was tiếp theo to large brown tabby tom. "Do bạn want the honors of killing her?" He asked. To her horror the sharp claw dug into her neck. I'm sorry Lemonheart bạn were right! The world disappeared into blackness.
The end