tình yêu Do bạn think your bf/gf's family would approve of you?

Pick one:
Yes. Definately Approve of Me
It's Iffy
I don't know
I wonder ~ I hope so ~
Doubtful, yes very doubtful
It's a pre-arranged marriage through the families
Truthfully, I still wonder
tình yêu Conquers All. Right? Doesn't It? DOESN'T IT?!?! Well so what.
Maybe if được trao a chance & enough time... No, who am I kissing, probably not :(
One hoặc thêm are pretty hard to win and strick about being particular-chances slim
They are a pretty easy goin "open" & colourful fam- we'll see
Please-I don't even want to think about it!
There are such a loving, close family 0_0
They are just a normal family. Maybe I'll win them over. (?) Eeee
They are a little crazy >///<
They are A LOT crazy @_@
Guess what? haha I don't care
Ohh LOOK A Bunny!
 Sinna_Hime_chan posted hơn một năm qua
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