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tình yêu is something that we cannot see, hear, smell, touch hoặc taste. We can only feel it as best we can. tình yêu is infinite. There is no end.
It's something that a human cannot decide upon hoặc change. bạn can't make yourself tình yêu someone hoặc make yourself not tình yêu someone. If bạn feel it, then bạn know it.
Love is unpredictable. bạn don't know when it will hit bạn hoặc when it won't. It'll just happen. It's like finding a five dollar bill on the street: It'll be hard to find, but bạn will, in time.
You can't wait for love. bạn can't strive hard to find it. Just try, but don't put your all in it. Cause...
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