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Best tình yêu Songs of All Time (Part 5)
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RELAXING đàn piano #6 Songs Romantic âm nhạc Ocean Instrumental Classical Relax
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bạn would think that living is pretty easy. bạn wake up ngày to ngày and do a normal routine. Sometimes it is thrown off balance but bạn just adapt to it. We are built that way. But sometimes some people have a glitch. I'm one of those people. I worry too much about small things, i never have just one emotion running through my body, i can't tell what tình yêu is because whenever i think i know what it is it slaps me in the face and the hurt and leaves a scar. tình yêu is hard for me. I've been hurt some many times bởi love. Sometimes i think just giving up life would be much easier than suffering the way i am now. Even though people may not tình yêu me, i still tình yêu those people anyhow. I want bạn so much but i feel like bạn don't care. Sometimes it's just easier to give up and not live at all.
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bạn always helped me with all my troubles
and i'd do the same for you
when i đã đưa ý kiến no one cared about me
you'd say bạn do

bạn stopped me from hurting myself
and ending my life
bạn came to my rescue
and put down the knife

bạn told me bạn would be nothing
if I wasn't there
those words showed me
bạn really cared

but there's another secret
that killing my soul
one that made me realize
bạn made me whole

it's that i tình yêu you
and even though were friends
i would always tình yêu bạn
until the end

I hope that one day
maybe you'll tình yêu me too
and I'll be waiting for that ngày to come
and you'll say I tình yêu you
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posted by Dorito23
So as I sit here thinkin about <3YOU<3 i wonder...
Does she stare at your texts thanking God that <3YOU<3 texted her? Does she just stare at your yearbook picture until she swore it blinked? Does she know your birthday bởi heart? Does she think about bạn until she goes to sleep at night? Are <3YOU<3 the song that wont stop playing in her head? Does she leave at a certain time just to see <3YOU<3 before your girlfriend does? Does she think every color looks good on you? Does she still tình yêu bạn no matter what people say? Does she treasure every time <3YOU<3 talk to...
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I tình yêu You! Is what the tiêu đề means.

"But...Dad. I tình yêu you!" I đã đưa ý kiến though my sobbing.
"I’m sorry baby girl... you've got to promise to be strong for your mother...Luke....and Pricilla..." He was so weak I had never seen him like this.
"No... No I can’t promise that... bạn will make it though this... PLEASE dad!" I was crying harder now.
"Amelia bạn have always been strong even...when bạn were a baby....." He cleared his throat. He was holding back his tears."Please do this for me."
"Fine... I promise." My voice was horse.
My mother came in and interrupted us.
“Honey I need some time...
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When you’re happy, I’m glad
When you’re depressed, I’m sad
When you’re with her, it doesn’t pain me.
I feel happy that bạn and her are free.
But do bạn tình yêu me?
I wonder that while my tim, trái tim is breaking.
I smile even though it’s aching.
Will I ever find love?
Will I ever have the freedom, like a dove?
My sadness is consuming my soul, right to the very top
But because you’re happy, the pain will stop.
bạn and your gf a breaking away
A little bit each and every day
It hurts me to see bạn so sad
And so mad