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posted by Helen-Lover

Falling in tình yêu is simple. bạn now when the one bạn tình yêu is there. bạn just know it. Everyone sais that bạn know when the person is “the one” that its tình yêu at first sight. But sorry that’s not true. tình yêu is something that will come & go in the course of your life. But there will always be that special one that bạn know bạn truly do tình yêu them. When bạn truly tình yêu that special person how bạn know it is: 1. your not afraid to be yourself around them 2. bạn will say “I tình yêu you” often & be happy bạn đã đưa ý kiến it 3. bạn would want to be with them just bạn & that person alone together 4ever. When bạn tình yêu somebody treat it special cherish it. Because it might be the only tình yêu you’ll ever have.........
-Helen-Lover <3
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