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posted by sshannahmontana
1:Only u
2:There is no 2 person
3:This is not my third word
4:I obey u.
5:Come into my heart
6:It feels dry and hallow
7:I wanted to know I miss u all week.

Sky is blue.
My tình yêu is true.
Leaf is green.
My tình yêu is clean.
Rose is red.
My tình yêu for u never ends.

Like rose u smell nice
And like sky u seem nice and cool
Like a leaf u r smashable and breakable so I just don't want to break your tim, trái tim hoặc your feelings.

Wh poems

What did u do to me?
When did I first met u?
Why did I fall in tình yêu with u?
How did I have a crush on u?
What time did I first met u?
How long did I have a feelings on u?
How far that u and my tim, trái tim goes?
How old that u and me are different?
posted by asinlove
well, tình yêu is a feeling we can't help having. its like this big bright hole that bạn suddenly find urself falling into.the light is blinding your eyes and bạn can't see anything. bạn feel like everything has changed. and then your eyes adapt and so do you. bạn open your eyes and suddenly this whole new place pops out. everythings the same but different. suddenly the parking lot in front ur school looks like heaven. the stpid lamp post bạn used to kick so often looks like an angel, the gods messenger. love, the slight touch of it changes everything.. bạn find urself smiling alone, Daydreaming a lot even fantasizing.. it makes bạn a better person.. although i'm not saying that tình yêu is a necessary boon for us. all i can say is bạn need to drop into the hole to find the light...
posted by werewolflover
This was written bởi my bestie vampiregirl17.But she doesn't log on much,so she wanted me to post this,So enjoy and comment.

tình yêu is kind and beautiful
Always soft and sweet

tình yêu is very truthful
always strong but never weak

tình yêu is always there
Whether he's near hoặc far

They say broken hearts will heal
But there will always be a scar

tình yêu is always knowing
They're the one bạn need

And when he's gone
You're crying,down on your knees

tình yêu is patient,always near
And when he says I tình yêu you,you're on the verge of tears

tình yêu is when he kisses you
And bạn know that he's perfect

And when your love...
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