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Boys Friend: hey, he likes you, bạn want to go out?
Girl: um.. no. sorry.

8th grade:
boy: i like her and i want her to know..will bạn tell her.
boy's friend: sure

Boy's friend: he likes bạn and he wants to go out with you.
Girl: no i like someone else.

That Summer:
Boy: i like her and i want to tell her.

Boy: i like bạn and i want to go out with you.
Girl: no i just want to be friends.

few days later:
Girl: He likes me but i don't like him
Girls' friends: i don't think he will bother bạn again. i dare bạn to go out with tiếp theo guy to ask bạn out.
Girl: ok

The tiếp theo day:
Boy: i really like bạn will bạn please...
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