tình yêu Whom should I choose??If u r me

sshannahmontana posted on Apr 16, 2013 at 07:58AM
I have two bffs.Alex and Robin.I don't want to hurt their feelings.They both wanted me to be their gf.Alex's is sweet and he cares about me and tell me it doesn't matter if i don't choose him or not.Robin said i'm his first love and he haven't ask any grols to be his gf.I'm the first and he thinks i'm beautiful and smart and kind.What should i do?He's begging me.I don't want to ruin our friendship they both told me they will accept the result.

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hơn một năm qua purpledemigod said…
Considering the fact that you don't know which one to choose, I wouldn't choose at all. I mean, do you like them both? If you started a relationship with one but had feelings for the other one at the same time, it probably won't turn out very well, especially if you ended up liking the one you're not dating more. If you like neither, then you should let them know that and stay friends. If you like one of them and just don't want to hurt the other one, well, they both said they're fine with whatever you decide, so then just go with the one you like.

Basically, go with your heart, as cliche as that is, and if you don't know which way to go, wait for it to become clear before making a final decision.
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