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posted by hermione980
What does it mean when teenagers say "i tình yêu you" to eachother, hoặc when they tell their Những người bạn that they're so in tình yêu with so-and-so? It's not true, forever and always love, not yet, but teenage tình yêu does exist. What is it, exactly, though?

Teenage tình yêu is falling in tình yêu at a young age, possibly for the first time but not the last.

Teenage tình yêu is thinking about someone and no one else in your spare time, and fantasizing about what "should have been".

Teenage tình yêu is sometimes saying "i tình yêu you" not because bạn mean it, but because bạn know its what bạn should say.

Teenage tình yêu is kissing in the rain.

Teenage tình yêu is screaming, fighting, and crying and walking out the door, then calling eachother a few phút later and saying you're sorry.

Teenage tình yêu is either being overjoyed and happy on valentine's ngày hoặc completely miserable.

Teenage tình yêu is loving someone and not being able to stop loving them, no matter how many times they hurt you.

Teenage tình yêu is saying forever, and wanting it to be true, but knowing it won't be. It can't be.

Teenage tình yêu is getting nervous when bạn pass them in the hall at school hoặc walk bởi their locker.

Teenage tình yêu is smiling at someone just because.

Teenage tình yêu is listening to a Taylor nhanh, swift song and smiling because it's so true.

Teenage tình yêu is being totally, completely, and magically in tình yêu with someone, but not really knowing what that means yet.
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1.Girls like to be listen to

2.Girls like when a guy gives them flowers(if they want flowers)

3.Girls hate when bạn forget there birthday

4.When girls act like they don't care, they really do

5.Girls hate when guys are lazy

6.Girls tình yêu it when bạn tell them bạn tình yêu them

7.If your a guy, and likes a girl, try to do something she likes

8.Don't under no circumstances, ever come back late forgot to tell the girl(she'll get really pissed)

9.If a girl is having problems, make the best of the opportunity

10.Tell the girl she's beautiful when her boyfriend doesn't

11.Don't beat up another guy for flirting...
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