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Malice was sitting on a treetrunk in a lovely field of yellow tulips when Kyle came along and greeted him. He invited Malice to swim with him in the Dream Lake, Malice accepted Kyle's offer

The setting sun was to beautiful to see as it twinkled the aquatic heaven. Malice and Kyle were in the cool waters nightfall was blooming to the sky. Malice thought it was time to hiển thị his tình yêu to Kyle. He offered to warm his crush Which resulted to him to bring his lips closer to their target. Kyle backed away but to jump towards him for their lips to meet. Kyle decided it was time to go home...

In Malice's...
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posted by angleshadow
Now bạn see I made up tình yêu of angels. Here is what its about:
The couple are not thiên thần they are human bird hybrids.
The couples names are Malice and Kyle.
Malice is part cat part human part bird.He is a goth. And loves kyle.
Kyle is optimistic and bubbly. He is also pacifist and enjoys annoying malice. Which usually gets him a chop in the face.

Malice usually wears a t-shirt with a keyhole. Shorts and knee- high boots. Usually seen in a long bang black do with dyed red tips.

Kyle wears a white polo with a black tie. Shorts and sneakers. Has a short do.

I hope this helps bạn with your new Yaoi expirience!
Ill be back with fanfics of the episodes!!!! ;D