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The FIRST one in a series of hilarious cartoon parodies about ABC's hiển thị - LOST. This one is 7 phút and enrolls some exciting happening that should have taken place on the first half of season 2.
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So everyone keeps asking that most hated câu hỏi of all: Who will Kate be with? Now if your like me, your sick and tired of seeing this câu hỏi all over the internet. Also if your like me, bạn never really cared about it in the first place because bạn realize their stupid tình yêu tam giác is the farthest thing from the best part of show.

That being said, lets "solve" this mystery. First of all, strip away all feeling bạn have about this. It doesn't matter who bạn like better, hoặc who bạn feel Kate's character is thêm inclined to. Instead lets look at things from a writers standpoint. Lets examine...
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