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To-to-ro, Totoro! To-to-ro, Totoro!

Who leaves the seeds,
For bạn to find?
Follow them and bạn will see,
a treasure there.

Then plant the seeds,
and help them grow!
It may seem the like a dream,
things are not what they seem.

Now begins a new adventure for you!
And you'll be with

To-to-ro, Totoro! To-to-ro, Totoro!

Living in the forest trees,
for such a very, very long time!

There you'll be with

To-to-ro, Totoro! To-to-ro, Totoro!

You only see him when your very young,
a magical adventure for you!
It's magic for you.

Rain tumbles down...
the bus is late.
Suddenly, a furry wet giant
is bởi your...
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Kieran told me that he had made a HaruMiKyon [as bạn may recall it is our TMOHS parody series] tribute video, so I looked it up and found it... I thought it was pretty amusing, so here bạn go!
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"Pride. Seven great things about yourself.

1. I can draw. Kinda.
2. I have a pretty face (according to some people >_>)
3. I apparently have a nice rack. (This was told to me bởi a female, which promptly made me go 'O_o;' lol)
4. I can sing kinda. D:
5. I'm good at speaking. I have an extensive vocabulary.
6. I'm a good web designer. I have awards to prove it.
7. I dress nice. thêm people should dress like me, imho. xD;

Envy. Seven things bạn lack and covet.

1. A FLAT STOMACH. Omg, it bothers me every day. ;_; I'm not fat, but...fuck!
2. thêm friends. -_- Imma so ronery.
3. Thicker hair. <_<...
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It all happened too fast. I didn't even have time to shout "Help me, this crazy girl with blue hair is kidnapping me!" as she bolted down the beach. The three boys just stared in awe about how the stubby female could run so quickly with a 104 pound ginger slung over her shoulder; she kicked up sand as she ran. The sky began to get darker.
Huff, huff.
"Who are you?"
Huff, huff.
"Can I ask your age?"
Huff, huff.
"Aren't bạn tired yet? Little... girl?"
"No!" she snapped at me, and I could tell bởi the slight scowl creeping across her face that she didn't like the tiêu đề little.

"My name is Lu-fá."
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