Lilly (also spelled "Lily") is the secondary tritagonist of the Alpha and Omega series. She is the một giây daughter of Winston and Eve and the younger sister of Kate, but unlike her family, Lilly is an Omega chó sói, sói and is easily distinguished bởi her snow white fur, which initially conceals her màu tím eyes, but later, when Garth helps her build up confidence, she starts wearing her hair back.

She is voiced bởi Christina Ricci in the films. It is currently unknown who she is voiced bởi in the video games. BackgroundEdit

Lilly is the younger sister of Kate and the một giây daughter of Winston and Eve.
In Alpha and Omega
Lilly and Kate going to the Moonlight Howl
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Lilly went with her sister to the Moonlight Howl where Kate was to meet her fiancé Garth, and both of them liked what they saw (at least at first for Kate, while Lilly fell in tình yêu at first sight of Garth).

When Kate vanishes, the packs meet whereupon Lilly offers to hiển thị Garth around until Kate gets back, and he agrees.

Lilly and Garth get to know each other, with Lilly doing impressions of turtles to make Garth laugh, and Garth trying to teach her some of his Alpha moves to build up her confidence, which leads to an embarrassing moment for Lilly. Garth brushes back Lilly's emo haircut which covers her eyes and is surprised bởi how beautiful Lilly's eyes are, which leads to Lilly having a little thêm confidence to wear her lông, lông thú back.

Later that evening, Lilly teaches Garth how to improve his howl and they find they were meant to be. But then Garth notices his pack approaching, and tells Lilly to go immediatly, fearing for her safety. Lilly runs to her pack to inform her father that the Eastern pack is coming. But before the packs declare war, Humphrey and Kate return in the nick of time to prevent any bloodshed, whereupon Kate announces that she accepts marriage to Garth to unite the packs, which breaks Lilly's tim, trái tim and makes Humphrey feel shocked and heartbroken.

In the morning, Lilly helps Kate prepare for the wedding bởi brushing her tail, but Kate notices her sadness and that she's wearing her lông, lông thú back.

When the wedding starts, Lilly keeps silent in sadness as Garth and Kate go through the mating ritual, but to Lilly's shock-turned-delight, Kate backs out at the last moment, saying that she fell in tình yêu with an Omega, prompting Garth to do the same, declaring his tình yêu for Lilly. Tony starts a fight between the packs in an outrage, but a caribou stampede interrupts the fight, and both Winston and Tony are forced to run to avoid getting trampled to death. They are saved bởi Humphrey and Kate, but Kate seems to get trampled to death, leading Humphrey to lead the packs to howl a requim for Kate, but she wakes up and they declare their tình yêu for each other. Winston and Tony agree to unite the packs under a marriage between Garth and Lilly, abolishing the rule of social class in the process, leaving Lilly and Garth overjoyed.

At Howling Rock, the packs, now united as one, howl as Garth howls beautifully, Lilly complimenting him as they nuzzle each other under the moonlight.
In Alpha and Omega 2


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Lilly is set to return for the sequel and is going to still be the snow white lông, lông thú covered non emo haircut người hâm mộ yêu thích just like in the first one. The một giây one is called Alpha And Omega World Adventurers, as đã đưa ý kiến in the first movie.

Lilly is very different from her mom, dad, and sister as she is an Omega in contrast to their all being Alphas. Similar to her brother-in-law Humphrey, Lilly likes to play and make others laugh, her method bởi doing imitations of turtles (which she seems to have a fondness of as she admits she only does rùa, con rùa impressions). But truthfully, Lilly has little self-confidence as she wears her hair over her eyes. Hanging out with Garth (who brushes her lông, lông thú back and compliments how beautiful her eyes are), he gives Lilly the confidence to wear her hair back, and enables her to confidently help Garth improve his howl. Lilly also has a mischievious side, as when she kidded Garth into thinking a hillside they went to was a place where rabbits lay their droppings (prompting him to watch his step in disgust).

She is very sweet and kind, and seems to be a little wise as she helped Garth bởi advising him to howl from his heart, thus proving she is not a shallow as her sister Kate, who judged Garth earlier in the film bởi Garth's formerly bad howling. She and Garth are overjoyed when their fathers approve of their marriage, and they both get their happily ever after.

Garth (Mate)
Winston (Father)
Eve (Mother)
Kate (Sister)
Humphrey (Brother-in-Law)
Tony (Father-in-law)
Candu and Hutch (Pack-brothers)
Salty, Shakey. Mooch, Sweets. Candy, Reba and Janice (Fellow Omegas)
Future Pups


Christina Ricci plays as Lily.
Lilly is obviously named for the flower; the lily itself represents purity, innocence, and beauty.