Leyton Family<3 ♥1-20♥ According to Spotify, these are my hàng đầu, đầu trang 100 songs of 2014. // Which is YOUR favorite?

Pick one:
"All Of Me" - John Legend
"Carolina" - Parmalee
"Wiggle" - Jason Derulo {ft. Snoop Dogg}
"Classic" - MKTO
"Bonfire Heart" - James Blunt
"#Selfie" - The Chainsmokers
"Rude" - Magic!
"Problem" - Ariana Grande {ft. Iggy Aalea}
"Talk Dirty" - Jason Derulo {ft. 2 Chainz}
"Team" - Lorde
"Say Something" - A Great Big World
"She Looks So Perfect" - 5 giây Of Summer
"On hàng đầu, đầu trang Of The World" - Imagine Những câu chuyện về rồng
"Adore You" - Miley Cyrus
"Latch" - Disclosure {ft. Sam Smith}
"Really Don't Care" - Demi Lovato {ft. Cher Lloyd}
"Birthday" - Katy Perry
"Wild Wild Love" - Pitbull {ft. G.R.L.}
"Best ngày Of My Life" - American Authors
"Play It Again" - Luke Bryan
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